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Go to the perfect game website and look up the 17u WWBA.  400+ teams there.  Go to the Bracket information and start from the top teams and work backwards.

16u WWBA (400+) from this week would yield a very similar list.

If you search the individual teams, you can see if they are from all over or just a "local" team.  Contacting them will probably take some work.

Your question is not much different than asking if anyone knows of a P5 school looking for a 3B/1B.  

The kids on these teams are recruited.  3B is usually occupied by one of the 3-5 P5 committed SS’s already on the team.  1B is either one of the other SS’s or a monster with a big bat, also P5 committed.  

I think with a little more information about the who,  what and when, we could maybe give better guidance.

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