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My son is a HS junior and is to take his ACT test in Feb 04. ACT will send his results to the NCAA Clearinghouse, but the Clearinghouse website says to register with them at the end of your junior year. Will the Clearinghouse keep his ACT results until he registers? Or, should he register now before his junior year is completed?

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How long does it typically take for the Clearinghouse registration to complete? My son submitted all paperwork at the end of his junior year (early June) and it appears the registration is still not complete (per status on the Clearinghouse website). No indication of missing paperwork, so I assume it is still in process? Is this normal, or should I be calling to check?
According to the Clearinghouse, seniors are first priority. If you have registered, you can see status online...remember, you are not "officially" approved until you get that diploma, but you can have ducks in a row. Coaches will call them to see if you are a qualifier anyway. The earlier you do it, less you have to remember and I do believe you can update grades and info at any time.
One thing to also pay close attention to, and we have discussed this in the past.

The Clearinghouse determines eligibility based on your student's "Core" GPA only, not their "Overall" GPA. Pay close attention to their Core GPA. You can find out from your school what classes fit into the Core GPA.

Core GPA and SAT or ACT scores are directly correlated to eligibility. There is a chart on the Clearinghouse site to show you how they correlate with each other.

Good Luck!

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Funny, I just happened to call the Clearinghouse with this question. We began the registration process LAST November when our son was a Junior. I looked him up on the website, and it shows they don't require further info. The person I spoke with told me we would most likely receive a preliminary report "late Fall, Early Winter" to let us know what, if anything was missing. They will not truly "clear" them until after graduation as the HS diploma is a requirement.
Good luck!
So when a baseball questionnaire asks about NCAA Clearinghouse registration, should my son answer "YES" if he has submitted all paperwork and no indication from the Clearinghouse that anything is missing? I was thinking he had to be "approved" before he could answer yes (at least a conditional approval, knowing process is not complete till after graduation) - but does "REGISTERED" really just mean all paperwork submitted and in process?
We're in the process of sending in the paperwork for my next child. They have had his first SAT score for six months. It's nice if you can get the actual registration earlier than this. But a lot of schools won't do it until now anyway.

Shortly after you send it in you should receive notification that it has been received, though it will take some time before it goes through the system. Many of the notices of preliminary status should be going out about now. You won't get your final status until after graduation and your HS sends in your final transcript.
I've had my son registered since the middle of his junior year. His record shows that all information has been submitted, but he has not been 'cleared' yet. When I called this summer I was told not to expect to see anything until November.

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No Player gets final clearance until after the final HS transcript

What a player gets prior to that is usually a conditional approval

Keep in mind that signing does not necessarily mean you are accepted academically to the school

There instances where kids sign and then they find out they are not accepted to the school academically.

The problem we're having w/ registering him early- Winter of Junior year, is that they used his transcript up through his SOPHOMORE year and now are saying he's lacking certain requirements for D1/DII eligibility. The school has sent everything in, but I'm worried they aren't going to "catch up" in time.
Does that ever happen??

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I sent my sons registration in last June and recieved his initial approval in December. The letter stated final approval would be given after they had his final transcript which the school will send them after graduation. The letter also said they take seniors first and prioritize the seniors if they have had colleges request their status.
I waited to register BK due to the fact that he would not have all of his classes behind him. So I did in right before his senior year started.

I did it online in August. Had the school send his transcript in Sept. He only needed one course to match up with the required courses.

I checked online a month or so back and BK has "preliminary clearance" - it shows he needs that last required course which he taking now.

Shortly after that we rec'd his paper copy of such and it shows 2 things needed..that one class and his final transcript.

And we will follow up on that for sure.
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When my oldest went for his orientation in July before his freshman yr. There were kids who forgot to send in the final transciptto the clearinghouse. The coach told them to get it done immediately or they could not practice. These kids were able to get their final approval before the Sept 1st practice. This was for swimming but it would be the same for baseball.
My experience was --

It took Clearinghouse approx. 5 months to post a preliminary approval with a statement that he needed one more English credit (his Senior English) and a copy of his final HS transcript.

That's using the fast track method of submitting everything over the internet.

I understand they do give priority to Seniors.

So, do it today.

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MrandMrsBaseball, I had this happen this year, we registered early as well. My son is now a Sr and the high school has sent an updated transcript but his file at the clearinghouse still has not been updated. I emailed the clearinghouse this week to check on it and they replied right away letting me know that they had his updated transcript and to check his file online again in about 10 days, that it should be updated by then. He still won't receive final clearance until after they get his transcript after graduation.
Parents of 05 and 06's--Please make sure that your son is taking the core courses approved by the NCAA. Check with your guidance department or enter your high school name at the Clearinghouse website to get the approved courses.
There were several cases at our school where the courses that the students were taking were not those listed as core courses. These students could get in to college with those courses, but would not have been able to participate in NCAA sports. As a result they had to double up on some courses senior year. Please don't let that happen to you.

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