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There is a somewhat well known travel team in the south with a head coach that just took a job at an ncaa d2 institution as an assistant.

Will he still be able to coach that team? Through his travel team he's already added several players to his college commit list.

I've heard of juco coaches doing this, but that's not ncaa.

Is it legal per ncaa rules for him to do both?
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@TheOldBallGame I would rephrase your question to say "show me where in the rule book is says it is illegal?" I don't mean to be confrontational, but rules can't cover every what if, even rule books as big as the NCAA's. I would say, show the rule that says it is illegal.

To reinforce the fact it is not illegal, look at the volleyball coaches at Stanford (I am using volleyball because this is where it has been happening the longest). Both the paid Assistant Coach Jason Mansfield and Volunteer Assistant Coach Kasey Crider coach at Vision Volleyball Club in a town less than 15 minutes from the school. The Club Director Joe Ripp's wife was an assistant coach at Stanford for years.

This is all to say, if a major DI program like Stanford has assistant coaches from their nationally ranked team coaching club teams in the area, it probably isn't illegal.


It might not feel like it should be legal, but given the number of schools doing it, it most certainly is. 

Originally Posted by TheOldBallGame:
Thanks for feedback. No offense taken. It's just wording.

I overheard several college coaches discussing this and one said he was going to look in to it so I was just looking for clarification/insight.

I think this is an example within college sports of what is common place one sport, becoming more common in another. It will be similar to how, when football programs began recruiting verbally committed players. Other coaches/sports said they would never do that, but now it's happening all over the place. 

Here's a copy of the Division II rule regarding employment of HS coaches.  While it doesn't specifically address travel ball coaches, it's certainly OK for them if it's OK for a HS coach.


NCAA Division II Bylaw 11.4.3 High School, College-Preparatory School or Two-Year College Coach. An institution may employ a high school, college-preparatory school or two-year college coach, provided the individual:

(a) Performs actual, on-the-field coaching duties;

(b) Is involved in recruiting only to the same extent as other institutional on-the-field coaches; and

(c) Is under contract or other binding agreement for a period of not less than one academic year; however, the member institution is permitted to confine its compensation to such a coach to a shorter period of time, such as a sport season.

Here's a more specific guideline from the D2 manual: Local Sports Clubs. In sports other than basketball, an institution’s coach may be involved as a participant or in instructional or coaching activities in the same sport for a local sports club or organization located in the institution’s home community, provided all prospective student-athletes participating in said activities are legal residents of the area (within a 100-mile radius of the institution). Further, in club teams involving multiple teams or multiple sports, the 100-mile radius is applicable only to the team with which the institution’s coach is involved; however, it is not permissible for the coach to assign a prospective student-athlete who lives outside the 100-mile area to another coach of the club. A coach may be involved with a local sports club located in the institution’s home community that includes prospective student-athletes participating in a sport other than the coach’s sport, regardless of where such prospective student-athletes reside. A coach also may be involved in activities with individuals who are not of prospective student-athlete age (i.e., before the ninth grade), regardless of where such individuals reside.


The D1 manual has a similar rule, but more detailed and with a 50 mile radius.

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