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Baker is framing the need for federal legislation as a way to protect athletes and their families from nefarious actors and a market that lacks transparency.

“And half the time a lot of what people are telling student-athletes I would deem as hearsay, mythology, misinformation and a whole host of other things,” said Baker, the former Massachusetts governor who took over his new job in March.

Baker said misinformation about NIL is to blame for a rush of athletes deciding to transfer and ending up with no place to play and stories of unqualified agents taking huge cuts of athletes’ NIL deals.

** The dream is free. Work ethic sold separately. **

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The solution is to allow college athletes to unionize. The union can negotiate standard contracts, agent qualifications, etc. just like unions do for NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes.

The NCAA represents the colleges not the athletes. The NCAA positioning themselves to set these rules and trying to enshrine them in legislation without athlete input isn't surprising but should be seen as the anti-athlete tactic that it is.

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