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I have already taken 2 visits to schools and have 2 more set up the next 2 weekends. The school that im going to 2 weeks from now said they have put together a nice package for me. One of the other schools said they would call me in the next week to discuss money. The other one said we want to wait and see what are guys do early but there is a strong interest. Also i have talked to 3 other major division one schools that said they wanted to wait till the first month of there season to offer me. One SEC school said after the draft they could have tuition and books for me. Im just curious what is the process how long do you think the one school will have the offer on the table i dont want to pass up a good offer with a school in the sun belt banking on some school that might offer me. What should i do?
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You need to evaluate your personal goals and figure out what you are looking for in a school.

If you are selecting your college strictly based on who offers the most money, you might get a rude awakening once you show up on campus.

Try this, ask yourself which school would you select if they all offered exactly the same scholarship - then ask yourself WHY? What is it about this school that I really like.

Once you determine that only you can decide if the extrra money another school is or might offer is enough to make you change your mind.

There is so much more than money involoved in making this decision.

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