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mr bear
let me ask you how many kids from this area have ever even made it to AAA baseball/WHY DO WE TRY TO BE LITTLE OUR OWN HOME GROWN BOYS?/ steve miller was and has been by far one of the best middle infielders to ever come out of this area!!!! i know,because i signed him/and besides that,in 1980 and 1981 i was managing in the pirates organization and rafael belliard was my shortstop,along that same year jose oquendo,tony fernadez,and julio franco in the same league,ALL ML ALL STAR CALIBER DEFENDERS!!!/steve could field with all of these guys,i can tell you that because i saw it on a daily basis/lets be more positive with our own kidS and compliment them for what they have accomplished and not for what they didnt do/steve miller has done alot for area baseball and is to be commended for turning around a dormant program at spalding and helping kids with a passion and enthusiasm second to none/thank GOD we have guys like him around!!!!!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by TOOMS:

Little Man,

You have perceived and incorrectly, my intent
to verify if this was the same Steve Miller.

And to answer your question, it's hard for locals to get to AA let alone AAA.
Yet, there just maybe more local guys that have played AAA between 1990-2010,
than the 1960's-1989 (but I would have to think about that a little while).

And for you to write: 'has been by far one of best middle infielders to ever come out of this area!!!!' is so frickin arguable, even Pete Garrity is laughing out loud.

So....take a chill pill and think about other locals that a few enjoyed watching and lending a helping thought or two along the way.....
....and could also pick the ball up and hit a little!

....Joey Hammond....Tim Barker....Shane Justis... (our mutual friend) Alex Smith....and probably others....and lest forget former big leaguer SS/2b Chuck Scrivener.

I guess I used to be your friend,
Bear Baron
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Now back to the original topic. The facility off Benfield is off Najoles road next to th egymnastics business and will be a multi-sport facility like the nearby SportsPlex. S****r, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, and baseball.
They are planning to have 2-4 batting tunnels w/machines for BB & SB and mounds for pitching. Not sure if they are going to have individialized training but will offer camps and rentals etc. ETA for opening is 30 November.
About a facility in Bowie? Didn't Steve Miller and Tim Donnolly have a place called Extra Innings in the Old Bowie Shopping Center? Is this the same one or have they moved to a better location? The place they had before was pretty much a dump but the prices were good and Tim/Steve are good instructors so they had some people working out there.
I have heard that it is in the same place as the one Donnelly had but that it is being run by Miller and a separate group. THey are overhauling everything and supposedly changing the whole design to add things like a vertimax and a few other training tools. I agree that old place was a dump but from what I hear this new place will be really well thought out. We shall see.
The facility in Bowie I know first hand used to be a mess. I heard the group with Steve Miller has done a pretty good job giving that place a face lift. Let's not miss the point beside the apperance of the place, this facility with Steve Miller and his team give us a place where our kids can learn first hand how to play the game. I am excited to see the place actually, and I really can't wait to see what they are going to offer. I heard that Mike Toomey will be up there with Steve and that Joe Kemp will be up there as well. So I guess all I can say is, I have a place to take my kid to learn the game of baseball where I am actually going to get what I pay for.

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