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Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick announcement.

As of yesterday I have officially launched my brand new podcast titled the "Baseball Strength Podcast." This podcast was created to feature the top minds in baseball performance including strength and conditioning coaches, rehabilitation specialists, nutrition specialists, and mental preparation coaches.

I'm announcing it on this forum because I believe the content in this podcast is perfect for this audience. To check out episode #1 you can simply search "Baseball Strength Podcast" in iTunes or Stitcher, or you can click the link below:

I encourage you to check out! On this site I have all the information for each episode, a blog page that hosts articles on baseball strength and conditioning, and a resource page that features the top websites, books, products, and other resources that you should definitely check out.

Also, I am looking for folks who are interested in contributing their time to either be guests on the show or provide guest blog posts. If you believe you have information that can be helpful to others I encourage you to reach out to me to use my platform to share your ideas. 

And lastly, thank you people of HSBSBWEB for being so awesome. As a young high school baseball player I was on this forum every single day soaking up knowledge and information that eventually helped me achieve my goal of playing baseball in college. I'm excited and humbled that I can now be on the opposite end and give back in the form of this podcast. Hope y'all enjoy!


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Austin -

FYI- when I tried to go to your site, Chrome screamed at me about there being a security issue regarding a certificate mis-match.  I was eventually able to convince Chrome to let me through anyway - but it may be something you need to investigate.

My oldest is planning on doing his undergrad in Athletic Training and after that med school, so he's become a conditioning junkie of sorts.  I ordered him a copy of McKeefery's book from your site.  Hopefully he can make some side money while he's in school...

Episode #2 is live on iTunes. In this episode I interview Dan Lorenz, a Kansas City based rehabilitation specialist who has an extensive background working with baseball players a professional athletes across all domains. In this episode we discuss several topics, most namely the current epidemic of elbow and shoulder injuries in baseball and the controversy surrounding early specialization in baseball. Tons of great info in this episode!

To check it out you can click the link below or simply subscribe on iTunes.


Episode #3 is now live on iTunes. This weeks' episode features Cressey Sports Performance co-founder Tony Gentilcore. Tony and I discuss several topics including the beginning era of CSP, the infatuation with "going D1," how baseball players need to be assessed, and how squat cues can be individualized.

There's a ton of great info in this episode so you should definitely check it out!


Hey guys! Just wanted to give y'all an update on the podcast. Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are live and ready to download if you haven't already.

Episode 4 and 5 features our HSbaseballweb's very own Kyle Boddy. Episode 6 features Austin Wasserman, co-founder of AB Athletic Development with Bobby Tewksbary. 

These guys provide a ton of value and I hope you take the time to look into the episodes and hopefully expand your knowledge.

You can check out the show notes and links here:


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