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I believe if they get one last team, that it will happen. Their is one more team rumored to be joining the Great Lakes. If that team joins the Great lakes will have an odd number of teams, unless they join with the Michigan league. Galion might fit into a northern division.

Also the Great Lakes Charter and the NACSB, require the teams be non-profit. I do not believe the teams in Michigan have completed that process.

This is speculation on my part.
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Heres some additional info on the Graders. The article says there will be twelve teams this year. Currently there are nine on the Great lakes site, plus The Ironmen. With the graders that makes 11. So there is probably one more team still to announce. It has to be Norther Ohio Baseball. They currently have a team in the Tri-State league, I wonder if they will keep both teams like the Terriers did, with the Canton Terriers in the tri-state and the Stark County Terriers in the Great Lakes.

Yep, another summer with the Locos.  He's hoping for a good spring and another good summer.  Fall baseball has been very looks to be much improved over last spring.  We'll find out in February.  With regard to son is good friends with him.  They went to HS 20 miles apart and played against each other in baseball during they knew each other a little bit before last summer. 

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