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Julie, I think you're right! Tyler always takes any opportunity given to him and gives it what ever is called for. He will continue to rise to expectations. Now, I just have to decide between my selfishness of wanting him in Bowling Green, KY where I could catch a game or rooting for Charlotte (high A)!!

Congrats Tyler on a magnificent beginning!!
CD, What a fun post for all of us to read.
Of course the ending makes it even more fun!!
Tyler has had a magical Summer.
I hope he takes the next 30 days and gets a well deserved sense of enjoyment from this experience, along with the time to rest and recover from the effort he has expended.
What is pretty clear is he won't take more than 30 days and it is very doubtful anyone will outwork him during these months leading to his next experience...his first Spring Training.
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JD congrats to Q. His mom must be a beaufiful. I mean she must be a knock out. Cause I have met you and well , your almost as ugly as I am. Thats alot to overcome! What a great experience for the family to get the chance to see him play. I still wish he was in Chapel Hill right now. lol

CD congrats to your son on a great season. A great great season. I believe his college program , his college coaches do an tremendous job of instilling toughness and confidence in their players and consequently prepare their players for the next level as good as any college program in the nation. You should be proud Tyler has proven he belongs and isnt going anywhere except up for a long time to come. Enjoy having him around the house!
This has been a great thread! Who knew that when we all started looking for guidance with our prep players years ago we would end up talking together about their pro careers!

Dillon has finished the regular short season now, and is heading into Pioneer League playoffs. After that, he'll have a couple of days or less to scoot on down to Tempe for Instructs.

Hard to know when he will actually be back home for any length of time, but at least he'll be only a couple of hours away.

Here's last night's article:

Cheers and congratulations to everyone who has shared in here over the summer!

I was looking for something else but found this thread. It is a nice reminder of so many friends from 13 years ago. Some are still with us but most of their links are now corrupted.

There is still a lot of good advice and a few photos of our kids when they were skinny and still wet behind the ears.

A photo from the first pro game I saw my son pitch in 2009. It's still exciting.

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20220706_201502Hmmm, who should I root for? The Lumber Kings have one of the best team names. Their hat was from a business trip to Clinton 20 years ago, the other was when I took the scoreboard picture 7 years later.

I don't remember seeing a Lumber Jacks game, but your mention stirred other memories of that trip. I thought I had finally forgotten the rendering plant that I think was not far from the stadium. Another was a police u-turn to warn me of my excessive speed on the road to Quad Cities and the airport that led to a missed flight and an overnight drive to Chicago so I could see the kids the next day. And I also learned not to put my keys in checked baggage. Oh, brother!

... and best wishes to Seth for continued success.


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