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@old_school posted:

I would rather discuss politics then see the constant infomercials for CBI.

Is it a infomercial or information that helps individuals understand the research landscape?

For example,  If most players from NY play within a certain radius, why should the family spend 2k to a showcase in Florida? Or go to a camp?

We know these are money makers with little return on investment.

So out of the 5k to 7k that a family spends per year on a dream to play college baseball, the $$$ don't add up.

Note, the cost to attend said events eliminates certain groups of people for a reason.

Problem I have is that CBI often posts incorrect info (like FL when it was Texas) whether in haste or by accident. Or you can't read because the font is too small, or the video is too quick, etc. I do understand you are trying to sell a product.

Why not create your own topic where interested folks can go.

Am I missing something?

Not that I prefer to discuss politics with old school, but he did make a good point!


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