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Bullwinkle has joined the chat.
[Bullwinkle] Hello to anyone!
limom84 has joined the chat.
[limom84] hi
[limom84] hello? any1 there
[Bullwinkle] hello
[limom84] r u a playa or parent
[Bullwinkle] Dad
[Bullwinkle] u?
[limom84] Mom, silly
[Bullwinkle] that is the big question... is it true?
[limom84] what r u talking about
[Bullwinkle] the styles of your writing
[Bullwinkle] seems to change
[limom84] of course, i'm a mom. i'm moody 2
[limom84] do u like the styles as u call them
[Bullwinkle] not really, u seem a little negative most of the time
[Bullwinkle] y?
[limom84] i'm really not negative, just a staight shooter
[limom84] straight, i mean
[Bullwinkle] so why shoot people with negative comments?
[limom84] nothing is intended to be taken personally, i can't help if if some people take it that way
[limom84] u don't like me either then?
[Bullwinkle] I have never posted to u, but I have read your seems personal to me
[Bullwinkle] like is not important
[limom84] true, lets talk baseball
[limom84] ur son is he a college playa
[Bullwinkle] what age is your son?
[limom84] 17
[Bullwinkle] yes, he is a redshirt freshman
[limom84] redshirt? he changed schools or something like that?
[Bullwinkle] no, 10 upperclass OF'ers
[limom84] how did u find the rcruitment process
[Bullwinkle] I chose to ride it like a rollercoaster
[Bullwinkle] coach speak...
[limom84] so you mean, there are ups and downs?
[Bullwinkle] they tell you what you want to heard
[limom84] the scouts, u mean?
[Bullwinkle] yes....a lot of ups and odwns
[limom84] r u a coach
[Bullwinkle] scouts, college coachs etc
[Bullwinkle] no
[Bullwinkle] just a dad
[limom84] is some of it bull, so to speak
[Bullwinkle] of course....
[Bullwinkle] how is recuiting for u?
[limom84] i don't know who to believe any more, son wants to play in a tourney in ga over the summer
[Bullwinkle] play on a connie mack team if possible
[limom84] scouts like my son, but so far no college interesst
[Bullwinkle] how is the GPA?
[limom84] very hi, smart like his mom
[Bullwinkle] over 3.0?
[limom84] yes
[Bullwinkle] ok, letters from colleges?
[limom84] does it matter
[Bullwinkle] GPA always matters
[limom84] questionnaires, some letters
[Bullwinkle] NCAA direct contact is June 1st in the JR year....
[limom84] r u on the east coast or west
[Bullwinkle] being your son is 17
lexhitmen23 has joined the chat.
[limom84] so they can all after than?
[Bullwinkle] they can't talk (call) until June
[limom84] ohh
[Bullwinkle] November 1st is the early signing
[limom84] so we still have time
[Bullwinkle] so, from june 1st to Nov 1st is the time to talk to coaches
[limom84] can they combine academic $ with athletic $
lexhitmen23 has left the chat.
[Bullwinkle] tricky question.....NCAA says no.
[limom84] maybe we should have said hi to lex
[limom84] is it a gray area?
[Bullwinkle] did u or your son complete questionaires?
[limom84] some not all
[limom84] does it matter
[Bullwinkle] how many?
[limom84] maybe 4 or 5
[Bullwinkle] let's put it this way.....
[limom84] y?
[Bullwinkle] if I wanted to offer you a job, and sent you a letter to complete, and you fail to mail it back....
[Bullwinkle] you are now off my list
[limom84] okay, i see where u are going
[Bullwinkle] always fill out every letter
[limom84] i'll go yell at him to fill out some more, GF taking up major time lately
[Bullwinkle] it can also create a compation between schools
[limom84] never thought of that
[Bullwinkle] there are no GF's in Basbeall!
[limom84] GF's are everywhere as are wives
[Bullwinkle] so if the ACC school send letters mail them all back etc
[Bullwinkle] cause the first question that he will get in June is....
[limom84] okay, thanx, very helpful info
[Bullwinkle] what colleges are you talking to?
[limom84] never thought of that either
[Bullwinkle] cause you know all the colleges are talking to eachother
[Bullwinkle] my son is on the west coast..
[limom84] we live on Long Isl
[limom84] hi taxes
[Bullwinkle] so we worked the Pac10 and Big West schools agianst eachother for a higher scholarship %
[Bullwinkle] this is a business,
[limom84] so we're the Big East? or is that just basketball?
[limom84] ur right
[limom84] did you son get a full ride
[Bullwinkle] go to to check out your local schools
[Bullwinkle] yes
[limom84] wonderful!!
[Bullwinkle] i got 2 more, so i need it!
[limom84] I have 3 also
[limom84] boy, girl, boy
[Bullwinkle] same
[Bullwinkle] remember
[limom84] girl is 16, other boy is 7-he's a sweetheart
[Bullwinkle] if your son is a pro prospect
[limom84] I am not even thinking like that
[Bullwinkle] he will need a college commitment as leverage from the signing bonus
[Bullwinkle] u said scouts are talking to him
[limom84] yes
[Bullwinkle] so his a pro prospect
[limom84] but he wants college
[limom84] not pros
[Bullwinkle] amazing what happens when you flap 200,000 if front of a 18 year old kid
[limom84] amazing what hapens when you do that to any1
[limom84] no, i am not thinking that way, college 1st
[Bullwinkle] but after u do the math,,,IRS, agents etc, most 45% is gone
[limom84] YUCK!!!
[Bullwinkle] college is the best, but he must complete all letters and mail them back....
[Bullwinkle] if he can't, u do it.
[limom84] I went to school, already!
[Bullwinkle] because it's $ you will be saving
[limom84] ur right
[limom84] question-what do u mean about my "styles of writing"/
[Bullwinkle] I thought we were over that
[limom84] okay
[Bullwinkle] my only comment, look for ways to help people on this path
[Bullwinkle] don't look for ways to piis them off
[limom84] I Dont do that on purpose
[limom84] people are negative and nasty to me as well
[Bullwinkle] people are not nasty to me
[limom84] well, i have to go now, ty for the helpful info . p.s. i like all your takes on songs, some of them, i dont know tho
[Bullwinkle] good luck,,,,love live,,,,,enjoy the ride
[limom84] thanx
[limom84] bye
[Bullwinkle] bye
limom84 has left the chat.
M to the double O, S to the E.
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A fascinating thread indeed! A phsycological view into the mind of limom. Since it is late Friday, is it OK to discuss multiple personalities? Seriously, limom, you literally bust me up sometimes with your wry sense of humor. Other times, you are somewhat meek, logical, and more of a give and take - kind of like your chat with Bullwinkle tonight. However, sometimes, it is in your face with a New York attitude - intimidating if you will. Then you have me guessing whether it is all head games or whether your husband comes on with the mega-attitude. I guess you cannot truly be analyzed. I am confused on the one hand, but intrigued on the other. Does this make any sense?
Cleveland Dad-
That is me in a nutshell. I simply like to break the rules, sometimes. I am wry and I do have an attitude...I'm glad I made you laugh because some of my stuff is for that specific purpose, and no one gets it. I do really like baseball though, so all is forgiven right?

Don't you all remember what happened at the end of one of the Star Wars movies when Darth Vader became good?? The entire audience BOOED...
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