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Son is a HS senior, P/OF, R/R, throws 86-89MPH. Varsity very prestigious HS sports program.
Contacted by couple D1 schools & D2 after being in PG showcase over summer.
I'm not clear about this NCAA dead & quiet period, SAT scores required, academics are OK, 3.0 GPA.
Recently attended a camp at a D1 school but, not sure if they're allowed to speak/contact him now, should they be interested?
Another D1 school sent us an email that they're interested and would like him to attend their camp in December.
If it's a quiet period, how do the coaches run these camps and NOT talk to the players/prospects?
Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Coaches can call or email a high school senior at any time, including quiet and dead periods.

Recruiting periods defined (You'll see an evaluation period defined, but that's for other sports. Baseball doesn't have an evaluation period.)

College camps have special rules, and are exempt from following the standard (contact, quiet, and dead) recruiting calendar. So coaches can talk to your son at a camp.

The bottom line is that if college coaches are interested, they can easily establish communications.

Regarding the camp invitation, I recommend calling the coach to find out if he really knows anything about your son. For example, he could call, state his name, and wait to find out if they know he is a pitcher, that he is right handed, or where he goes to high school.

If not, it's probably a long shot to get recruited out of that camp.
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