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Well, tryouts are upon us starting tomorrow, and the weather is as wacky as usual. Last weekend it was pouring here in Seattle, then beautiful all week (even reaching a high of 60 degrees!!). And now, it's pouring for an hour, then back to sun, then rain. So, let's be praying for the best tomorrow for tryouts! Good luck to everyone, and God bless!

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Baseball-Dad--My son plays in Metro 3A so I think I have a decent sense of that league.

O'Dea is the defending conference champ and looks very good. Perenially strong players in Metro 3A are Eastside Catholic, Bainbridge Island, Blanchett, Seattle Prep. Lakeside, West Seattle and Nathan Hale each have one of the area's best 2016's. Roosevelt is well coached, as is Garfield, and the latter has one of the better 2017s in the conference. Ballard's best starter is back, but that team lost some seniors at key spots. Sealth, Rainier Beach, and Cleveland will have game teams but hard seasons.

O'Dea is a younger team, especially the pitching, but all of those younger arms had varsity innings last year (not common at O'Dea). Senior returners are few but include the first team all-league CF, who is their captain, and pictured homering in the playoffs in my avatar. 

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Catcher-in-the-Rye posted:

Hi Tres_Arboles,

I have a player that will be in HS in a few years so just started keeping an eye on the Metro 3A league to get the lay of the land. Are the teams you list as strong generally where the select players go? Or are the coaches/training at these schools better that gives them an edge?

Hi Catcher--There is a vast extent of self selection in those schools, all of which are private except Bainbridge. Those teams in Metro (Prep, O'Dea, Eastside Catholic, Lakeside Academy) are able to perpetually reboot with good players who apply because they know they will get a good college prep academic experience and they will get to go to school with other motivated athletes. Each of those schools has good coaching in many sports, but they also get a nice critical mass of serious players every year to bring in and work through their programs. The public schools in Metro can't say the same.

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