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There seems to be more posters/members that have kids that have already made a college team and I'm sure most of you have been to every game he has ever played from LL through high school.

When he starts playing in college and the travel distance to his games are far, how do you handle this?

Do you still go, do you subscribe to special "sports cable packages"?

Do you just read about it?

Do you just listen on radio and internet broadcasts?

It seems that it would be rather traumatic to not see them in person?


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CDTLB, The internet has been great for me. My wife got to see our son play in 5 series last year. I only had a chance to see 2 series and listen on the net to maybe 4-5 more games. Being on the road a lot, I would get back to my room and be able to check the box score every night and then I would know what mood he would be in when I talked to him on the phone that evening.Being there in person is much more fun, but the internet has sure helped out.
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Bee ...

but the real trauma you'll have to deal with is that - he's just fine without you in the stands

I too agree with you, but it is fun to watch these grown up boys still looking up in the stands to see if dad/mom/whomever saw the great play/hit/pitch or that error/strike-out/pop-up/fat-homerun-pitch-across-the-plate ... just like they did when they were little.


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Last year was son's first year that I did not get to go to all of his games. It did make it easier to be able to listen to them on the internet. When they played in Hawaii, we were able to actually watch it on our computer. And when they were in the regionals at Rice, we paid to watch it on the computer. We went every other weekend when they were at home. But with him being a pitcher, we did not always get to see him play. It is hard, but they seem fine, He would always call after the games he pitched in to see if we were listening.
We made 54 of 63 games. Mid-week games would see us glued to the TV or the internet. It is nerve racking to me to listen to the games on the internet. Sometimes I would have to walk away from the broadcast and do something else. I don’t know why.
We made all the weekend series except one (North Carolina). We did not make any mid-week games because or the distance. Here’s a typical weekend… On most of the weekend trips, we would bring his girlfriend with us. He and his girlfriend would usually take in a movie or dinner on Friday night after the game. Being an early riser, I would go to his apartment early Saturday and pick up his vehicle, fill it up, wash it, and return it to his apartment before he got up. We would all eat breakfast (brunch) together on Saturday mid-morning before he had to go to the ballpark. Saturday afternoons/evenings were usually a get together where some parents and 6 or 8 players would congregate for a cookout, or sometime we would all meet for hot wings. Few events were planned but there was usually something to do. Some weekends the booster club would plan events too. The booster club could invite the parents to their events but they couldn’t directly invite the players. Parents could bring the players. This is the only way the boosters get to associate with the players. Sunday morning we at breakfast together, then he had to be at the field at 11:00 for the 1:30 game time. We would meet right after the game for a burger and then we were off for the seven hour drive. We would arrive home about midnight. All week long we would prepare for the next weekend. Big Grin

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tater guys .....
I missed two of ETSU's games last year...
about the same planed for this year...

one thing check local papers, team web site,Opponents web site and Opponents hometown newspaper. You can find a lot of stuff that way.

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My son is at a JUCO that is so far out in the middle of nowhere that they think the Internet is some sort of new-fangled fishing device!

Since he is a pitcher it will be a little easier. I will try to make the trek if he is going to pitch for sure.

After scrutinizing his schedule, his team will be playing in the same city as his 10 year old brother's AAU team on the same weekend. That would be pretty cool because it looks like there is a distinct possibility that they will be able to watch each other play! How exciting would that be for them ...and me!

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Plan to see about 30 of son's games this season.

For those who are interested, check or for low air fares. We received something from Delta in the mail the other day that will allow us to fly to our son's school, which is 4 hours away drive time, for $80 bucks round trip. So one or both of us will be taking advantage of that for games during the week. It costs more than that to drive and stay in a hotel for a night.
My wife and I saw all but 2 home games and most of the away games last year. Those away games we could not go to we used the Internet for either play by play or recaps afterward.

We wouldn't have missed it for the world and plan to do it again this year. Most exciting moment was seeing him hit a walk-off grand slam in his first at bat in the season opener.

My wife is a scrapbook nut also. Whenever we go out of town on a trip we have to hunt for the local "scrapbook" store. She can spend literally hours a day for weeks and weeks fooling with scrapbooks. It reminds me of my younger days when I had to go to all the fishing stores to look at their artificial baits hoping to find that special lure.
Big Grin

Knowledge is Power! Thank you Mavens and HSBBWEB!

You do have a point there. But, several times in our son's high school career, his picture (1 x 1, in color) was actually on the first page next to the name of the paper. This was cut out and included in his scrapbook. I am not sure that something like this would be included on the on-line version. I still like to see the write up in the actual newspaper if possible.

We also plan to attend as many "close to home" games as possible. Some of his away games are closer to us than his home games.

You obviously were never bitten by the scrapbook bug. An article printed off the internet simply does not have the "feel" or look of the real thing.

By the way, in addition to the local town newspaper most schools publish their own paper as well. AND for an interesting view from the other side make sure and check the website for articles written by the opponants local and school paper.
Where there's a will, there's a way. I remember listening to my sons' game against OK State last season using a crude dial-up laptop access from a remote town called Mersa Martrouh on the northwest corner of Egypt on the Libyan border. I also listened to his Clemson game via dialup from Kuwait City. The things we parents do for our baseball fix. But hey...that's what it's all about.
Chicks -

You need to turn your wife onto digital scrapbooking... Hardly any cost and just as much fun.. Here is a link to some I have done (left side).. I do 90% of my scrapping this way now..

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I check to see if my sons' school has a link broadcasting the game, and if not, I check the opposing teams' website to see if they have a link to the broadcast. Quite often, one of the two will. We open at Auburn on the 13th of Feb, and I plan to fly down for that series. Unfortunately, I leave for Bahrain followed by Cairo a week later, and you can bet I will be listening from the other side of the pond. I do however pay $4.95 per month to listen using the Real Player Basic Membership. Well worth the money!! The other great part about using Real Player is that they archive the broadcast so that if I am unable to listen to the game live due to my schedule, coupled with a 7 - 9 hour time difference, I can always listen to it at my convenience. While I may not listen to a whole archived broadcast of a game in which I know the results...I fast forward to listen to the portion of the game in which my son may enter as a potential closer on the mound.

Baseball.....What a game!!
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