My son didn’t attend the VA Regional in lieu of a So. Fla regional.

He was selected to Cary and there was no additional cost. 

This was 2012, so thing may have changed.

it was a great opportunity. He didn’t play on any other USA team until College.

I would have paid up to $500

I posted a while back and I kept getting the recent alerts, which got me thinking....

I dug out the the 2011 15U Virginia Team roster that went to the North Atlantic Regional event in PA.  Of those rostered:

  • 4 were drafted:  1st round, 5th round, 9th round, 25th round
  • 12 played in college (including those drafted)
  • 6 I can't find that they played anywhere after high school (but maybe D3?)

Do you HAVE to do it?  Those of us looking back can say that you don't have to do it, however, for us, it was fun, son got to see where he stood against others competitively, he got a t-shirt he cut down to a beater and wore it playing basketball mostly, and made some friends he keeps in contact to this day.  We did 3 events (one may have been cut out by now).  He didn't get to Cary,  but he did put that he made the NTIS Regional team on his 'baseball resume' to send to colleges.  

****Getting to Cary doesn't not predict college experience or MLB draftability.****  Can't stress this enough.

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