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Why do so many of you have so a HUGE problem with the idea of paying an Agent?

#1 If you think you can do my job better than I can without:
A - my skills
B - my experience
C - my contacts
GO AHEAD & TRY I DARE YOU. I'll bet double your kids' signing bonus you will screw up his career... perhaps beyond repair but at least you'll have satisfied your inflated ego.

#2 If someone makes me $100 that I wouldn't have made myself & all I have to do is I pay him a tax deductible $5 for doing it, I will make that deal every second of every day of the year.

#3 If we're all so worthless & greedy than all the Major League Players who pay us millions of dollars to do aour jobs must be the biggest fools on the planet. After all, just look at what a great job Gary Sheffield & Curt Schilling did handling their own contracts. they left millions of easliy obtainable dollars on the table & in Sheffield's case srewed up the press coverage about as bad as humanly possible.

#4 Do you fill your own cavities, repair your own roof, litigate your own lawsuits, perform surgery on your relatives, spay your pets yourself etc. etc.
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Voodoo, You are such a sweet talker. You old smoothie, I bet Sheffield and Schilling wish they had you. That way they would not get to play for their team of choice and get to sit around like Maddux and the other 200 free agents. Maddux builds a home in San Diego and David Wells takes his job. Smile Maybe Maddux should have done like Schilling and Sheffield? Maybe Schilling and Sheffield are a little smarter than you think?
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I feel your pain. I'm in a commission-based industry. It can get old having to defend your industry, BUT one thing I learned, those who truly appreciate my skills, service and experience NEVER question my fees. And yes, people complain all the time about how much doctors and dentists charge..........It's just part of the job!

"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Rogers Hornsby, Hall of Famer

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voodoo, c'mon man, your killing me.

Don't you realize how antagonistic all your posts are? If you really respect othe rpeople's opinion, as you said in a previous post, then respect their right to question the fees we charge.

I'm with you on the need to retain an agent, I think it's the correct thing to do, but stop with the dares and accusations already. You are playing into the arrogant overzealous stereotype that haunts the agent business.

I feel your pain...I do...but chill out...go rent a movie, or go out to dinner with your wife/girlfriend. Life is too short to get hostile every time someone criticizes our profession.

Try this...breath in...breath out...don't you feel better?


Originally posted by Hoss74:
Well now that we know you are not an agent. Why are you so angry? If you are an agent, post your real name because that was the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen.

I'm angry because I'm tired of reading all these posts questioning the value of a job I've been doing for a very LONG time.

I have no intention of posting personal info. If you don't like my opinion, that's your right.
Let me know what you do for a living so I can denigrate your occupation.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by pops:
"I bet Sheffield and Schilling wish they had you. That way they would not get to play for their team of choice and get to sit around like Maddux and the other 200 free agents."

You don't understand Pops, Sheffield & Schilling could have had exactly what they wanted for more money with better terms if they'd been working with the right Agent. Sheffield also wouldn't have made such a fool of himself & the Yankees in the press.
voodoo ...

Let me know what you do for a living so I can denigrate your occupation.

Every profession and career has naysayers ... it goes with the territory. No need to be so hostile ... do what we advise everybody else to do ... ignore the negative posts if they bother you so much.

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I am not so sure it is a question of your services being devalued as it is a learning process of the industry you work in. Most everyone enters into this situation without the real experiences of the business of baseball thru a potential draft scenario. It is at the point when some players are identified as prospects that they are solicited by Agents to employ their services at which time questions concerning fees arise. By nature of your competetive business fees typically range from 3 to 5 percent. Others bill hourly some bill for a percentage over the intial offer. I think that because these two elements are at play a majority of time it brings with it a comparison shopping format which may make it feel as though your services are coming into question when the validity of fees needs to be qualified.

Out of the 2004 draft eligible players you are attempting to work with this year how many of them called you first? For the most part readers here at this site are no different from the high school prospect who has found his name within the list of top 200 players and is now receiving calls and packets to sway him to employ someone at the appropriate time. It is all new and with that come questions.

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Voodoo, like I said unprofessional. First of all unless you are working a big time contract it is all slot money now anyway. Second of course you wont post your real name because your first post was just funny. I am in total support of having an agent. If you find a good one they are ubelievabley resourceful and helpful. I understand your first post you just went about posting your info in the wrong manner. Picking an agent is hard, people on here like to say this and that, but it is really hard.
First of all unless you are working a big time contract it is all slot money now anyway

That is what they say. I see that you bought it hook line and sinker. There is a big difference between having to justify the money to the league office and being told you can't do it. Frankly, the whole process has become a bullying process. Questionaires have become nothing more that what round and how much and we don't negotiate. The more teams behave like that the more you need and agent.

There are other issues that I am concerned with. the team drafting me? How are they at developing players, where will I play rookie ball, do I get invited to instrux, do they have instrux? Stuff like that.

"I love the HSBBW"
Good Post! It's a business in the purest sense. Only two times to get paid in baseball. When you turn pro and when (uh, big if) you get to the big leagues. Your amateur bonus money may need to last you awhile as you rake in those $850 paychecks 5 months a year.

Geaux Cajuns!!
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