After playing well at a PG25 15u qualifier last month son got an invite to regional showcase next month. There were 28 teams at the qualifier. Team made it to semis. 

My question is, does every kid who played at the tournament get the same email? Email was from showcase coordinator. If so, that would mean they are inviting around 400 kids. How many can they reasonably accommodate over a weekend?

Secondly, my 2022 is just starting to add muscle and explosiveness. It seems that many on this board seem to advocate for showcasing after sophomore year. But i guess an argument can be made for showing progression as well.

We will be out the country anyhow but was wondering if we should request invite to a fall showcase instead.


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Same situation here.  Son (2021) did ok, not off the charts, at a team tourney last month.  Invited to the Aug 17th-18th PG showcase in NJ.  Was curious if there was a limited threshold or if they case a pretty wide net.  Cynical me tends to think the latter, but curious if there's a more experienced perspective on the question. 

I think the only PG events that are exclusive, must go are the underclass National and the national and the All American.  There are lots of great events and some have a lot of coaches, but if you are asking which event invites really matter, it’s those. The underclass All American is an exclusive invite but not many coaches were there. Competition was very good.  All of these are top 300ish except the All American, rising senior year, which is top 50.

Anyone can sign up ("request invite").  These showcases are open to anyone and everyone...  Invites are just a way to generate awareness in the hopes that more sign up.

The only real "invite-only" events are:

PG National

PG Underclass All-American

PG All-American (of course...)

There are quite a few where you can receive an invite that is selective (High ranking, high grade from previous event, etc.).  But you can actually request an invite to these as well (as long as there are spots open):

PG Jr National

PG Underclass All-American

Various PG Top Prospect Events

If you're talking about the Mid-Atlantic Prospect Showcase in NJ, that's open to pretty much anyone who requests an invitation. There won't be 400 people willing to pay close to $700 for the event, so no worries about that. There are 135 kids listed as attending the 2018 version.

You can always check these things out by studying the data.  For any PG showcase, just click the "Event History" drop-down on the "Event Info" page (the main informational page for the event--this is the same page that lists records for that particular event).  There you look at all participants from previous years and then drill into each individuals history by looking at what events they participated in.  Of course the most important thing is to look at the previous years metrics -- "Workout Results".  Here you can sort and slice and dice the data any way you want.  If you think your player would have been a Top Prospect in the prior years event based on metrics alone -- and you will find it's not always metrics that gets you that designation -- then it MAY be worth the money.  But if you have spare $$ and your kid need a kick in the rear or is someone who will drive himself harder after seeing where he measures up against his peers--value can be had even if he doesn't get Top Prospect.

This is why I love this place!  My son got an invite to PG's Southeast Top Prospect Showcase and we were just sitting around the breakfast table this morning trying to figure out if this was worth the money, especially since we've already decided to go to Headfirst in Florida in September.

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