I needed to start a new thread, the "other" one was getting a little heated. Thank you for your comments. My son was very fortunate in meeting some quality people in the baseball community that helped him tremendously in regards to "exposure".

The message I was trying to get out to other websters is that those that can't make the quality showcases for whatever reasons, shouldn't feel left out.

If a player gets the proper exposure to the right people,whether it be from showcases, tournament play, or regular high school play,All kinds of wonderful things can happen. A player's senior season is a very fluid period.

No question that quality showcases provide additional wonderful exposure opportunities, as stated many times by members on this board. I just wanted websters and more importantly the players to understand that as wonderful as "rankings" may be, everyone can't be in the top 100, so don't get discouraged and lose site of the "prize", whether that be the dream of playing at the college level or professional level.
PG, all players should read the story you had on this board a few weeks ago about your son's progression to the "show". It was great and truly inspirational. Take care and best wishes to you for the new year.
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You mentioned PG's story about his son's progression. I would love to read that. Could you tell me what topic this might be under?
Thank you.
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I'm from N. Minnesota originally. I hope you are staying warm. Take care.

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