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i won't step on the field to play , or even pratice without wearing my cup , an why would you even think about not wearing one , there are cups out there, that will fit every guy , an some are comfortable , i for one wear the shock doctor titanflex alloy stainless steal cup , with the shock doctor basix compression short, an found them very comfortable

To all concerned,

To those who wear no cups on the playing field No matter what playing field take some excellent advice given in these comment on the subject of cups, remember it only takes one tattoo to personally and physically get the message, prevent it instead of experiencing it.

When I was playing many moons ago Pro coaches particularly in spring training were very particular about wearing cups, we were preparing for an inner squad game, the coaches asked all players about cups apparently all had cups on, we were going along well then a grass cutter headed to the short stop he positioned down with the intention of making a nice smooth fielding gem and low and behold that mean old ball jumped right up under and crashed his {"GONADS"} needless to say he had to be carried off the field to the {ER} for an over nite stay along with three days of missing spring training. I was coaching at Johnson County Kansas Community College we were playing MO. Western at Welch field in St. Joseph MO, I had been after our head coach Sonny Maynard to require cups to be worn, runner on first, base hit to left center field, runner turns second heads for third the throw from the center fielder is right on the money"GONADS" the ball short hopped the third baseman and tattooed his "GONADS"needless to say that bullet changed his voice tone..being involved in hockey for several years I have been associated with numerous players who would not wear a cup, face mask or a helmet cage unless the league required them to do so which is just plain irresponsible to their Protection and safety, getting hit hurts and getting your blade stuck with your stick butt end jamming into your "GROIN" or "GONADS is just pure painful.

It takes only one dead center tattoo/bell ringer to ones "BELLS" to  clear ones mind as to whether to wear a cup or not.or at least it should.

Enuff said.

Don Ervin

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