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My boys HS coach would not allow it, but it is an interpretation of the rules issue. Others may not care, It's one of those things I tried to avoid so my boys didn't have to deal with it during a game. We went with black gloves and black laces, with no contrasting colors. The red label was fine.

It may depend on the rule set he is playing under.

MLB (unless they have changed it for this season) has:

3.07  Pitcher's Glove

  (a) The pitcher's glove may not, exclusive of piping, be white, gray, nor, in the judgment of an umpire, distracting in any manner. No fielder, regardless of position, may use a fielding glove that falls within a PANTONE® color set lighter than the current 14-series.

You can take a look at PANTONE 14-series colors here:

It has some green on there.  I think the glove you pictured is darker than those, but you know - judgement call.

Realistically I can't see an umpire whipping out a Pantone chart on the field.

Distracting in any manner... again - judgement call.

NFHS has:

ART. 6

....The glove/mitt worn by the pitcher that includes the colors white and/or gray shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team and/or umpire.

So, high school rules specify white or grey without making a distinction on piping/lettering.  I've never seen that be an issue, but it is technically a rule.

The green glove though - no high school rule against it.


@Mike232FD posted:

Sadly, I think the more successful he is, the more coaches will complain.

This ^^ is exactly what will happen. I had a coach complain that some pitcher that was having success against his team was wearing an illegal glove - a first baseman's mitt... Nothing in the rules against it... In any case, prepare your son now and have the rule handy (although no umpire will read it from a parent or coach in a game), from 2020 NFHS rule 1-3-6 (HS does not play by MLB rules):

ART. 6 ... Gloves/mitts made of leather shall be worn by all fielders and not be altered to create an adhesive, sticky, and/or tacky surface. The glove/mitt worn by the catcher may be any size. The glove/mitt worn by the pitcher that includes the colors white and/or gray shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team and/or umpire. The glove/mitt worn by all fielders except the catcher shall conform to the following maximum specifications (found in Diagram 4):

a. Height (measured from the bottom edge or heel straight up across the center of the palm to a line even with the highest point of the glove/mitt): 14 inches

b. Width of palm (measured from the bottom edge of the webbing farthest from the thumb in a horizontal line to the outside of the little finger edge of the glove/mitt): 8 inches

c. Webbing (measured across the top end or along any line parallel to the top): 5¾ inches


copy-pasta doesn't grab the picture, but "A" is opening to top of middle finger, "B" is from outside of edge of glove to where the webbing starts, and "C" is as it reads. No measurements taken across the thumb.

Another ounce of prevention for a coach is stating at the plate conference that although the glove is green, it meets the rules and has to since he also states all his players are legally equipped and using legal equipment; otherwise, he can be ejected. In that way he's "challenging" the other coach to say something now or keep his trap shut.

All that aside - nice looking glove as long as he's playing for a team with those colors!  When he joins the Team USA roster that glove will not match his Red, White, and Blue uniform ;-) [please take it as gentle ribbing to the USA on the far edge of the glove - no harm intended]

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