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Here’s some questions you’ll actually have to think about to answer.

 Would you expect a pitcher’s strike percentage with runners on to be higher or lower than his strike percentage with no runners on?

 How much of a difference would warrant further investigation?

 What possible reasons would you attribute significant differences to?

 Is it worth worrying about?

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JCG posted:

I only agree to actually think about my answers if what I'm thinking about is lunch.


  1. a) higher
  2. b)  15-20%
  3. c)  Pitching from the stretch, a more stressful situation, and distraction of the runner
  4. d)  Yes
  5. e) Turkey and jack on a soft roll with mayo and cranberry sauce

 I’m curious. My 1st thought was the percentage with no runners on would be higher. Why did you think it would be higher with runners on.

Well, I didn’t find anyone with a difference of more than 9.4% among pitchers who had thrown to 100 batters or more. However, I did find that 87% of those pitchers had a higher percentage with runners on which indicates you had a better thought about it than I. But I also found that 88% of pitchers had a higher opponent’s BA WRO, and the overall difference was 53 points.

To me that means something is being done WRO that perhaps should be looked at.

 Soft rolls are for girls. Make mine a sour dough hard roll every time!

I was doing some research in the differences between pitching WRO or WNRO, I came across this article. https://www.beyondtheboxscore....abip-with-runners-on

 I find lots of similar articles that identify something taking place, but I sure wish a way to combat such problems were also included. It seems silly to just allow something negative to take place until such time as experience mitigates it.

hsbaseball101 posted:

Seems like poor infield alignment WRO pre-2012.  That may have been fixed by now.  

No argument from me because that’s something I don’t see. Would you please explain where you’re seein’ that? Thanx.

 I took a look at my data to see what it looked like when I compared BABIPs WRO and WNRO. See attached.

 I just wonder what can be done to mitigate the problem when it gets recognized.



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hsbaseball101 posted:

Double the K's NRO, double the walks WRO, double HBP WRO.   I'd be interested to see if the percentage of pitches down the middle is different between WRO and NRO.  

If you’re talking about my data, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any kind of location information. I’m afraid the only place you’ll get that is from an amateur venue using trackman, or professional baseball. You might check with PGSTAFF to see if they have any numbers because I think they use trackman.

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