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Originally posted by RockinTheWall:
Rockwall is another district which tests its athletes on a regular basis and upholds a no tolerance policy with alcohol. My kid loves it! He doesn't have to deal with the pressure of participating because everybody knows he's an athlete.

I wouldn't say there is no tolerance. It is only on the second offense that the coaches find out of the kids failed drug tests. Baseball is the only Rockwall sport that enforces the zero tolerance rule, basketball and football does not. It is the baseball coaches who enforce and run a tight ship, not RISD and certainly not Elam.
This topic has been forcefully debated on these boards in the past, but I feel compelled to comment.

You are all so quick to relinquish your personal privacy rights to government & civic authorities. You are all so quick to delegate the shepherding, raising, and monitoring of your children's activities to school districts and the teachers employed by the district. Where is your sense of personal responsibility?

My wife & I accept the responsibility for leading our children away from drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling addictions (see the current poker craze on ESPN), tobacco, and all of the other vices in life. We will not achieve 100% success.

I hope I never see an institutional policy implemented in the Lewisville school districts that require drug testing on any students or teachers without just cause. Simply wanting to participate or coach on the baseball team, in the band, or on the physics robot team does not offer just cause for testing.
DGB Fan I completely understand your opinion! I agree parents do have a big responsibilty but your children are going to look up to their coaches and in some aspects the coachs and peers are gonig to have a far more influence on your kids than you will!

Secondly if you plan on sending your child to college and they are going to participate in athletics be prepared for random testing with out cause. You cannot play unless you sign the agreement to be tested. If your clean then you have nothing to worry about when dicussing personal privacy. If your test results are positive for any illegal drugs and your worried about people finding out, then you know your guilty inside. We all make choices, stand up for your decisions!
Secondly if you plan on sending your child to college and they are going to participate in athletics be prepared for random testing with out cause.
Interestingly, that is exactly one of the questions I asked my son's college coach. i.e. Do you submit your players to drug tests? He was caught off guard, as no one had ever asked him that question before. Coach told me that the school does not administer any drug tests on its athletes.

I am aware that the NCAA may have drug test policies, though I know none of the details. But I'm having a difficult time recalling a single NCAA athlete that has been suspended or otherwise disciplined for steroid use. I am confident in my opinion (I have no proof, just 2nd/3rd hand stories) that there is steroid use by NCAA athletes, but not convinced that the NCAA has a plan or the fortitude to enforce a plan that disciplines steroid users.

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