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First off, I would like to say that I am neither a male, or a baseball player. Looking through all the forums, it seems that you guys seem to know a great deal about labrum tears and shoulder injuries in general.

Here's my story:

Hi. I am a teenage girl who throws shot put and discus competitively. There was/is no swelling or bruising 
Lately I've been having issues with my shoulder for the last 3 months or so., I was playing volleyball and dove for the ball. I fell awkwardly on my right shoulder, and my whole arm when numb just for a few seconds. I have dull achy pain, but the pain gets more severe at times; esp. when I am in bed. When I lay flat it feels like it is going to fall out of the socket (it makes this weird popping noise), and it hurts to lay on my right shoulder. It also hurts when I throw something. It makes a popping sound every time I bring my arm from backwards to forwards and also right to left if that makes sense. It is really starting to bug me, it catches and jerks my whole body. Also, if I do not support my shoulder, it feels very loose and makes noises. I have also noticed when something pulls against it, either outwards or downwards, I feel it slightly pop out. I am also a lot weaker on my right (dominant hand) which previously was my stronger and a good amount of range of motion lost. 

It hurts specifically on the top of my shoulder as well as the front part where the arm meets the chest ( bicep tendon?)., but at the same time is a dull, achy pain all over. Sometimes the pain radiates to my upper arm, elbow and sometime hand....
My specific shoulder gets tired VERY easily, even if I just hold my arm up.

I've been to the athletic trainer, orthopedist (multiple times) and physical therapist, and all three have given me a different diagnose. I have heard everything from a shoulder separation to rotator cuff tendonitis to bicep tendonitis. 

I went to PT for at least 6 weeks. I saw an improvement in my ROM, but not really pain wise.... the clicking of my shoulder is still very apparent.

After 2 months of virtually unsuccessful PT, I went back to the orthopedist who ordered an MRI Arthrogram with focus on the labrum. The MRI technician said that there was leaking of dye, but she was not qualified to make any sort of diagnosis. Because I was away for a month, my mom called the ortho to see if we could get results via telephone. The ortho said it was completely negative and he was going to send me back to PT!I'm so sick of being in pain. 

I also had my first day back to soccer training, and even with my shoulder taped into place, it still killed. The next morning, it is so stiff and I can barely move it

Any help at all would be extremely helpful! Thanks!!

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Have her go to an orthopedic doctor that specializes in sports.  Sometimes you have a gut feeling that you need a second opinion.  She has more than just a gut feeling.  She's got obvious physical indications that prove she needs a second opinion. 


After six months of severe arm pain (especially at night), PT, etc.  I will be having surgery on Sept. 3rd.  for a torn rotator cuff and bone spur.  Her symptoms sound very similar as mine.  Because she's already had the PT and the MRI, you should be able to shortcut the next doctor.  Did you ask for her MRI films?  You can, and then bring them to another doctor. 

I agree with Leftysidearmom.  It appears a second opinion is in order. 


If that too turns out to have negative findings I might suggest acupuncture.  My son had similar issues.  His body did not respond to the PT, but after a few sessions of acupuncture he started to feel better quickly.  Everyone's body is different.  Might be worth a shot.

Thanks!  I am a little nervous about it.  I've actually been searching here and reading about how our boys have done with this injury and it has helped a bit.  I am just so thankful that it is me and not my son that is needing the surgery!


Funny story:  I started feeling the pains in January but knew it was serious when I started dreaming about it.  In February, we were at a weekend series for my son and staying in a hotel.  His team was struggling a bit with their pitching at the time.  In the middle of the night I was moaning so badly that it woke up my husband who woke me up and asked "Honey are you OK?"  Evidently I had been dreaming that I was pitching because I said "No, I never should have pitched that last inning".  He laughed so hard he woke me up and it took me a minute to match the stabbing pain in my shoulder with why we were awake and why he was laughing.  Hahaha!  What can I say?  The team needed me! 


Good Luck with your second opinion.  Be persistent and let us know how it goes.

I have a question regarding a second opinion: 


The doctor that I saw is part of a practice, so there are at least 5 other sports injuries orthopedists (among others) in the practice. Do you guys think it would be okay to see another doctor in the practice, or should I get a new, fresh opinion from a doctor outside the practice?



My experience through the years is that most orthos tend to gravitate to a speciality within their own field.


In a practice generally one is the knee, one is back, one is shoulder/elbow, etc.


Make sure you ask around and see someone who normally works on shoulders.  Whether that is within the same practice or another entirely new practice.  With that said I would lean towards an entirely new practice.

BackstopDad32: Thanks for your imput! The doctor that I went in is a specialist in both shoulders and sports injuries, yet seemed to not know much. I am in the process of finding another doctor. The doctor that I am looking into seems to have a good amount of experience, and is the team sports doctor for various high schools, including mine. I am going to continue to look.


Bulldog 19: I am wondering the same thing, so frustrating. Also, I did PM you, thanks!

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