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I am 16 years old and back in June I went to a showcase where there were a few colleges there. When I got my turn I was really bringing it. I hit 89 and cruised around 85-87. I threw about 4 or 5 innings. The next day I had the worst pain ever in my shoulder. I just hit the next day and that even hurt. I have never had any problems with my arm, and I have been pitching since I was 9. I took a couple of weeks off and then threw a 7 inning game. next day pretty sore, but I still played during the rest of the summer. Pitched another 15 innings and played SS for another 15 or so games. Then I started basketball and it hurt to try and lift some weights. Labor day weekend was the last time I picked up a baseball until about 3 weeks ago. I took a good round of BP and warmed up, did some long toss and took some ground balls and some easy throws. 1 week later I did the same thing. After both times my shoulder felt fine while I was throwing and the next day. I estimate that I threw around 100 innings this year between high school and summer. I shoot the 3 with no pain and my shoulder feels great. I went to 3 different physical therapist and they think its tendionitis. They said my range of motion was to good and if I had a tear or something they said I wouldnt be able to do or tolarate some of the test. My fear is that when I start next season I might not be ready. I am already talking to some colleges and my junior year I need to be ready. Should I try and get a MRI just to ease my mind and be safe?
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See a Dr.

If you want to see one trained by the most well known orthopedic group, Dr. Andrews and Fleisig at Alabama Sports Medicine, go to this website and ask for a referral in your area.ASMI Shoulder & Elbow Forum

What the physical therapists told you is wrong. You can have a labral tear and not have diminished your range of motion or pain in specific positions. They are very hard to diagnose. I am not suggesting that is what you have, just giving an example of a misstatement by your physical therapists.

Best of luck
My son injuried his throwing shoulder 2 times while in high school. The first time was his freshmen season and while fielding a ball in the hole (he was playing SS) the 3B ran over him and he seperated his shoulder. It took him 6 weeks to recover but he did get to play in the state tournament. The second time was while making an arm tackle while playing DB on the football team. This time it was bad and it took him several months to recover. The 1st ortho said he had a tear and wanted to cut on him pronto. The 2nd ortho wanted him to do 6 weeks of rehab before he even did an MRI. The physical therapist had worked with the Atlanta Braves early in his career and felt early on that my son had an impingment and not a tear. After the rehab he was fine and is now playing college baseball with no shoulder problems. My advice would be to get a 2nd opinion.
Definately go see an orthopedist. <y son tore his labrum in the fall, played all spring in college and all summer in the NECBL (SS and P). He said his shoulder was sore and we didn't know anything was wrong until that July when I went and saw him throwing everything side arm. He had a torn labrum. Missed the following fall and the entire spring. Definately get to a surgeon to be looked at and DO NOT rush back if it's a torn labrum.

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