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Son had sugery on non-dominant shoulder labrum. Unlike pitchers, the pain comes with a hard swing while batting.

During the world series, the announcers said that BJ Upton adjusted his swing to compensate for a torn labrum, adopting a narrower stance and shorter swing. I have also heard of other players changing their swing for shoulder problems (e.g., Scott Rolen). Son does have a wide batting stance. I am wondering if this could cause a recurrence or whether a change in swing could prevent re-injury. Is there a type of professional that reviews batting video and recommends adjustments for medical reasons? Any recommendations?
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Since no one has stepped up to offer on this one, I'll take a swat.

Changing swings because of a current torn labrum, is quite different from any post surgery adjustment. Most infielder/outfielders sustain their labrum injuries while laying out for a catch, arm fully extended. This is also the common way to tear labrums for wide recievers and s****r goalies. Pitchers on the other hand, sustain it from throwing, a different modality.

I am unaware of any models that show labrum injury from bat swings. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong on that. Therefore I wouldn't be concerned about a post surgery adjustment to batting.
Thank you, CPLZ, for your thoughts. Is it possible that a one-handed follow through could put additional strain on the labrum? Would a two handed follow-through share the load of the swing, particularly with a hard swing that misses the ball (thus without the impact of the ball to slow the swing)? Incidentally, the only time son had pain prior to surgery was during the swing, so I am thinking that some act of the swing must put strain on the labrum.
Tore my labrum fall '06, had shoulder reconstruction Feb '07.
Right handed thrower, lefty hitter.
I had to change my swing from releasing left hand on follow through to keeping both on the bat due to the weakness/lingering pain in right shoulder.
I wasn't able to go back to releasing my left hand until nearly a full year after surgery.
I had the same issue in college. I had surgery to repair a torn labrum in my left shoulder and was a right handed swinger. Im not sure what can be done as far as adjustments in your swing. Id focus on rehabbing and getting the shoulder and surrounding muscles as strong as possible. The one issue I had was I felt I was weaker staying inside the ball and driving it the other way. It always felt more comfortable when I could get my arms extended.

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