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Come on, moderator.... Serious topic worhty of discussion - and you close it? Do you think the UIL or the school board will close it as easily?

An item noteworthy enough to make the newspapers and talk radio around the state, and you deem it fit to disallow further discussion on the subject?

Obviously this coach and the Poteet program is neither worthy of support or criticism. Let's talk about some kid's meaningless stats instead.

Please don't be shocked next time some coach or group of players is acused of knowledge of steroid use, hazing, cheating or whatever. Remember there are people out there willing to hide thier head in the sand because it's too painful to hear public opinion or possibly get to the facts.
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Had the posters kept the language appropriate and not started attacking each other, it would have been fine. It was not and this is not a vehicle for personal agendas. It is a hobby site and up to the descretion of the moderators.

For those of you that disagree, feel free to pm each other or go to another site and discuss it. Using inappropriate language and having pedophile musings occuring is not going to happen here. I really don't want the hsbbw being sued by Coach Nowell. That is my concern as well.

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