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Sounds like politics and someone wants him out. Coach takes a leak in a cup in the dugout...and is under this kind of scrutiny. Not from that area, but Poteet has always been viewed as a good program. You can't have a good program, without being solid at the top.

Maybe there is more to the story....but if not this sounds like a power move.
There is a LOT More to this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The DMN story is only the tip of the iceberg here. There have been numerous complaints about Coach Nowell's behavior on the field and in practices not only this year but in past years. It seems like this year was worse than in the past as there were several,on field, incidents that were not very pretty to watch. Throwing helmets,berating players in front of everyone,screaming and yelling at the players loud enough for the fans in the stands to hear,cussing out players in public. And yes peeing in the dugout not just once but several times. He was just photographed by one of his players once. There is still more to the story than what I have told here but I won't go into it. I will say that I don't wish for anyone to lose their job, but if it does happen,in my opinion, having had a front row seat this last year I would have say that it would be a result of his own actions!!!
Teddy Nowell is a great baseball coach. Just look at his record. How about the AD's son.
Isn't that a good reason to fire a great coach.
Poteet High School baseball will take a long
time getting back towhere Coach Nowell took them.
Parents need to keep their mouth shut and let the coach do his job.
The MISD really showed their loyalty didn't they.
Coach Nowell will resurface and do a great job
wherever he lands.
This is a sad time in the baseball world for
grab like this to go on.
That's a bunch of "BULL" Freddy!!!

MISD has several complaints to sort through and come up with a fair and appropriate decision concerning Coach Nowell. I agree that it will be a bad day for him if he does lose his job. But as i said earlier the complaints that were in the DMN story are just one of many!!
And if it does happen it will be the result of his own actions
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guys im a head baseball coach and you just cannot use the restroom in the dugout in front of the players. come on now is this how you want your son coached..

I dont think it is anything to get you fired over, but it is totally unprofessional...

just an opinion from an outsider that has no knowledge of the situation other than what is being talked about in this forum.

The guy should just apologize and be done with it.
There's no doubt that the persons that complained feel that their sons were treated unfairly. When complaints that arise out of playing time (or lack thereof) turn into larger complaints about character, etc....then a school should begin to worry....because it won't stop with the baseball coach. Next year it will be the football coach (oops, also the AD in most cases), or the basketball coach, or the girls s****r coach <-- examples, unrelated to MISD.

It is my understanding that Coach Nowell has a long list of supporters, including MANY of his former players -- a testimony to the fact that, despite specific instances when the coach was/is tough, they leave his program feeling loved and know that they were treated fairly. Isn't that what we all want for our kids?

I would never condone instances of "abuse"....but we all know that there are different styles of coaching. Many here defended the new Marcus coach & his style, some have backed the actions of summer coaches that seemed to be "extreme". I hope Coach Nowell has his "day in court" and is treated fairly. The offense mentioned does not seem to be worthy of dismissal.

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Another thought on the ******* contest. I've been to HS & some college parks all over the area, and guess what alot of them don't have restrooms. Some if they do, are 250 yards away from the field. How many times have you seen players and coaches head for the woods, or go behind the fence.

I don't know the situation either, and sounds like Captain Jack is much closer. Maybe the coach is right, and couldn't leave the dugout and find a tree close by. I do agree it is unprofessional, and poor judgement by the coach.

Still sounds like a witch hunt to me.
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The ******* incident happened at the Duncanville Stadium which is one of the nicer facilities in the state. They do have running water and an indoor bathroom located conviently to the dugouts (within 50 feet). Also this was not a one time incident it was a common practice acording to the players. And again he is not on trial for the peeing incident alone there are several other complaints that are being reviewd by MISD. And I trust them to make a fair and just decision.

I am out on this topic!! Peace
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First of all, I think many on here are passing judgement without knowing all the facts. This is not the place to discuss what happen to Coach Nowell without the opportunity for both sides to be heard and we all know that will never happen

I know Coach Nowell very well and I know his side of the story. Without going into specifics, many on here are way off base with their assumptions regarding the peeing in bottle incident.

As for Captian Jack, this is not the first time on HS baseball web that he has taken cheap shots at Coach Nowell. Remember, Captian Jack, is a biased against coach Nowell as I am for Coach Nowell.

Peace right back at you CJ...not
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