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Here are some preliminary insights on Player Attrition for the ACC.

Total outgoing -  not on current roster

Potential Graduation - Previous year's (Seniors or Grad students) not on current roster

MLB Draft signed -  Previous year's players that were drafted and signed

Transferred out - Previous year's players that transferred to another school

Unknown Reasons -  Don't know why player is not on current roster.

*** Note, currently most players will be listed as unknown, this will change when other schools are published and player data is reconciled.



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@Suds posted:

One thing that is really hard to tell from last season, unless you have access to the transfer portal, is the number of seniors that transferred out last season with their extra Covid Senior season

The Team Roster Turnover Insight (Outgoing) display players that have transferred out by graduation class.   Note the target school must be published stating said player transferred in.

Note, this means NCAA-D1, D2, D3, NAIA, etc.

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