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Congrats to you and Robert & family.
I know how proud you are, and should be.

I also find it fascinating, remembering as if it was yesterday, when we were chatting in the bleachers at an ACC University on Junior Day while our son's were watching a game of round ball, (and six years ago next week!).

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Many thanks, friends.

Knowing that all of you willl understand where I'm coming from, I'll share my two most prevalent thoughts about this:

First, as a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can receive is to have your child gain some measure of success from their chosen pursuit after they've worked extraordinarily hard over a long period of time to achieve it. My hat is off to all of our children who have achieved that...regardless of the pursuit.

Second, no baseball pitcher reaches a milestone such as this one without a lot of fine defensive plays and run support alongside whatever they've done on the mound. At the end of the day, it's a TEAM game.

All the best to you and yours.

P.S. I recall that very well, Bear...and am very happy that it's worked out in each case.
I've seen Robert pitch in person twice and on ACCSelect a few times now. He is the classic case for the guy who doesn't light up the RADAR gun but will tie guys in knots. I'm looking forward to seeing him in MLB some day, kind of a Paul Byrd type.

My son also had a chance to interact with Robert quite a bit at a UNC prospects camp not long ago. I think the word he used was "goofy" sense of humor, kept the kids in stitches while teaching them a thing or two. We really appreciated the time he took, which he truly did not have to do.

But Prepster, we did have one question. When he took his hat off, all we could think of was, how does all that hair fit inside that one hat? Smile
I followed Roberts career in HS like I do all the top players in NC HS baseball. When he chose UNC I was very happy because I knew then I would get the chance to see him pitch. I have taken advantage of that opportunity many times over the last four years. And a few of those times I have stood right there next to his dad and cheered him on and just talked baseball. Its easy to see why Rob is so sucessfull at what he loves to do. He is one of the most focused players I have ever seen. And he is one of the best team mates a kid could ever have. In the game against UVA a ball was misplayed in the outfield and an unearned run was scored. Before Robert threw another pitch he made sure that he made eye contact with the outfielder and told him dont worry about it. The kid is just first class and so is the dad. Robert can run it up there folks when he wants to. Make no mistake about that the kid can bring it anytime he wants to. But Robert pitches. He is more concerned with getting guys out and helping his team win than impressing someone with a gun reading. There is no one in college baseball any better than Robert on the mound. His numbers prove it. And it couldnt happen to a better more deserving young man.
But Prepster, we did have one question. When he took his hat off, all we could think of was, how does all that hair fit inside that one hat?

As of this weekend, that's yesterday's least, for awhile.

After this weekend's final game, all of UNC's players and coaches participated in an on-the-field head shaving to raise funds for UNC Childrens' Hospital. The son of an assistant coach and one of their managers have undergone cancer treatment there.

So, now, the issue for Robert and a number of his teammates is how to keep those now-roomy caps on their heads!!

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