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cliff notes as requested:

D. FORFEITING A DISTRICT GAME. If a school forfeits a district game, and does not play that game, the forfeiting school shall not be eligible for the playoffs. None of the
games involving the team cancelling the game will count towards the district standings. It is as if the team was never a part of the district. If the game is played and later ordered to be forfeited by the District Executive Committee or if the school willingly forfeits the game after discovering an ineligible player, or some other rule violation, the team is not automatically removed from the playoffs. The team’s won/loss record for district play, including any losses due to the forfeiture of teams that have played, shall be considered to determine if the team qualifies for a playoff berth.
Wow G Pirates, that's quite a statement.

All due respect to PCA and FBA, but DC might have something to say about that.

Thanks CS for pointing out GP's error regarding the reallignment. Regardless, even without suspensions, it's far from a lock that they would represent vs. Houston Christian (not Houston Baptist).

By the way, ineligible or not, depending upon field conditions, FBA is at DC tomorrow at 4:30. We're looking forward to it.
Am I missing something here? Did anyone make a judgmental comment regarding the PCA suspensions/forfeit?

I have heard the details regarding the suspensions, however have no intention of publishing them here. That should be left to someone who has first-hand knowledge and an appropriate level of discretion.

My only question is as to why Coach Maack, or PCA Administration, would choose to forfeit the game rather than utilizing JV players to field a team. Perhaps there's a good explanation, but based on the TAPPS guidelines, is it worth ruining post-season participation for those players who weren't suspended, or even those who were suspended and "served their time?"

And finally, is it being suggested that if TAPPS enforces the documented guidelines, they are doing the "wrong" thing?

Just some thoughts...
Charger...Sorry, was not intending on throwing a barb at anyone. My point was no one here knows exactly what happened, the exact circumstances or timing of the situation, which I'm sure will be taken into account by TAAPS. Seemingly black and white rules can be quite different when applied to real world situations.

How's ChargerSon doing this year behind the plate?
First of all let me say that I'm sorry for the situation at Fba and Prestonwood. Two totally different situations by the way. Don't think others don't have issues in their own right. Some just "play the game" better than others. Everyone has new players!!! Some more than others. Some legit some not..But let us not forget what should set us apart.. We as Christian coaches should be training young men for life thru baseball!!! They are only baseball players for a short time. They will be men for life. Winning often changes the focus...What game are you trying to win???
I'm not a spokes person, don't know all the details, and don't think a chat board is the appropriate place to air them even if I had them all.

I am confident the administration and coach (who do have the details) made the right decisions for the right reasons. I'm confident those were or will be shared with TAAPS at some point and they will make the right decisions in this matter. Whatever they say goes.
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I commend PCA for taking a stand by applying what I'm only assuming (since I don't know the details) are appropriate consequences for breaking team rules. However, I question whether they knew the TAPPS rules about playoffs when they decided to forfeit a district game, because it certainly appears like they would've been better off by playing that game with what is now (evidently - again, I'm not privy) their varsity team.
"All due respect to PCA and FBA, but DC might have something to say about that."


Come on now!

No Cory Brooks on the mound? Is what I hear and why we don't scout their games any longer.

It appears they avoided teams all tournament season long. They were beating Pinkston 29 - 0, while every other team played in good tournaments. Many Many of those games played by DC this year.
Top Shelf,
Okay, no argument here. It's true we haven't had success against the few good teams we've played (Lubbock, Arlington, Lake Highlands). We look forward to a chance to measure our quality against better competition. By the way, not sure it's reasonable to suggest we've "avoided teams." Unfortunately our plans to compete in 2nd quality tourney was washed out by rain.

We'll just continue to do what we can w/ what we have, even if it's not believed to be worthy of "scouting." Whomever you represent (you haven't identified), we only hope we can stay close.

My suggestion that we were being overlooked by the previous post was probably way off-base. Sorry for the biased opinion there.

I also regret that I'm not above being "baited" into commenting on your post. I'm weak.

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