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Those that are in the Premier Baseball League(?).

What is the benefit of the Premier teams?

Are other teams allowed to play in Premier tournaments? If so how do you find out about them?

Are other team/organizations allowed to join Premier Baseball?

Are these just showcase teams or are 16U teams allowed to participate?

Just trying to figure all this out. Thanks!
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Premier clubs typically have teams from 15U-18U, and some have younger ages.

With a Premier club, you will consistently be playing against some of the best competition in the country.

Some Premier sponsored tournaments are open to outside teams. Go the website PD listed for contact info.

Teams can apply for membership. With perhaps one exception (a team that has faded some over the past couple of years), the Premier teams are all very solid. If a club wasn't top notch, they probably would not be accepted.
Originally posted by Ken Guthrie:

Either way, both tend to match up in AABC events at the end of the year regardless.

Premier vs. gotta love it.

BBI Premier is a league and the other is an association of teams that play in tournaments together but play in different leagues.

As for AABC events....outside of the Mustangs, who as host don't have to qualify for the the AABC Regional, I haven't seen the 18 year-old Heat, Angels, Wings, Sliders, A's or others from their association at the AABC CM Regional since 2004. They must be doing something else.
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Correct, PD.

They haven't done CM for a couple of years now.

The Premier teams do go to some non-Premier tournaments, but those probably make up only a quarter or so of their schedule.

The Heat sends one team to WWB every year, as I believe Kyle Chapman still does. And I've heard the Sliders will return to sending a team to WWB this year. Not sure about the Columbia Angels this year.
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IF08, Texan Son has played against all three over the years, although only a few times. Don't think he ever gave up a run to them. The Sliders might bump into them in Houston tournaments.

His teams never had any trouble either time they faced the Miracles. The Miracles seemed to be well coached, but just didn't appear to have the same depth of talent. The Raiders usually have a very good hitting team and are capable of putting runs on the board. The Knights were similar to the Raiders.

Again, these are impressions based on pretty limited experience.
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Baytown Knights

Good org! Run by a guy simply known in Houston baseball circles as Doc, aka. Dr. Tim Planty. My brother played for Doc after his jr year in hs.

The Houston Miracles is run by Mike Harris, they are within 2 miles of Phil Cross' (Houston Heat) home. Mike is a good instructor, but has to compete with the Heat for players....... that's not really fair is it? David Clyde is also an instructor at the Miracles facility. Also, current AZ Diamondback CF Chris Young played for the Miracles.

UofTx OF Kyle Russell played with the Miracles after frosh year, the moved to Heat after Soph year.
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sorry guys - checked the spelling of premier in WORD with spell check and it came up as

Arlington A's

Seriously; check the Premier baseball website - it is not affiliated with BBI in Dallas

shows the following teams
Arizona Clash
Arlington A's
Austin Slam
Austin Wings

Bayside Yankees
Burkburnett Blacksox
Columbia Angels
Dallas Mustangs

Houston Heat

Houston Kyle Chapman
LIDS Indiana Bulls
Kansas City Sluggers

Midwest Nationals
Nebraska Sluggers
Rawlings Prospects
South Carolina Diamond Devils
South Texas Sliders

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