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My 2019 just had his first 6 week shutdown basically in years.  It was nothing Arm or health related- just what we decided to try this year based on recommendations. 

During this "layoff" he has been working out more than he ever has(which hasn't been much in the past) and he is set to begin throwing .

Does anyone have a good "program" for the ramp up over time.   He is currently light practicing with the HS team and full practices begin in January .

thank you. 

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An actual program, no, but my son is ramping up as well.  His pitching coach sees him twice a week starting this week, as well as hitting after one pitching lesson.  He has to get dialed back in to his control because in theory he is stronger now but not with his pitching muscles.  They do motions off the mound, and light throwing this week. 

Google jaeger sports and buy some of their bands (or any bands really). They have a great throwing program there that is basically free. They also have a Year Round Throwing manual that is awesome. You have to buy it, but it's not expensive and well worth it.

thank you for the reply's!

Received some great responses and we are going to utilize some.  He does have Jaeger bands and will utilize them in his workout/ramp up. 

It isnt an exact science for sure, especially with a kid who basically just took his first real arm break ever and began regularly working out with a trainer for the first time.

Just trying to do the right thing and not second guess myself(or give my son the impression that I am making this up as I go along)

Starting up today Hope to have him ready for mound work by early -mid Jan. 

A little late on the reply, but generally after taking 6 weeks off, you obviously need to slowly build back up. I would suggest 2 weeks of light long toss (add a little distance each day) with the J Bands before and after. 3-4 days a week with a day in between. By week 3, he should be good to do full long toss. By week 6 he should be ready to start bullpens. Bullpen schedule should look something like:

Week 1: 20 pitches (fastballs only)

Week 2: 35 pitches (fastballs and change ups)

Week 3: 45 pitches (all pitches)

Week 4 on: normal bullpens , simulated innings, or Live BP’s

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