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I was just wondering if anyone had any insight as to whether wearing glasses reduces your appeal to a college recruiter or not? Should a talented player make the change to contacts before showcasing or will he be judged solely on talent?
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although mine does wear contacts...I remember once he had an eye that was irritated and he had to wear his glasses...

but due to not having worn affected his he just went with out them...

this happened at his first actual scrimmage (practice ) where his new summer coach was watching the son told coach right up front that he has a little glasses, and no contacts that day...

son pitched and did himself first in the pitching rotation based on that said just imagine what he could do when he can see....

still changing glasses to contacts does take an adjustment...give yourself time like TR said...

and no one asked us about contacts along the way in recruiting ....that is for college info.
Yea, flat out switch. I noticed that when I wore glasses in a game (onl once, never again) My field of vision was messed up because the glasses only correct the vision directly in front of you; not your peripheral. Contacts are natural, and everyone I know says that I look way more confident when I wear contacts because I can actually see, haha.

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