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Can anyone give me info about the schools that play in this conference? How hard do the pitchers throw? I really want to go to Colorado Mesa, and I understand they're really good making it to the D2 CWS finals this year. For a RHP, what are really the qualities these pitchers have, as in velocity, command, etc? 


I am currently going to be a senior in high school (I live in AZ), and was getting interest from a few of these schools in this conference, but I really want to go to Mesa but really haven't gotten the attention from their coaches, yet. 


Is this a typically strong D2 conference? How compared to D1? Once again, does Mesa, or the better schools in this conference, have kids that can easily play D1? Is there HUGE competition just to find a roster spot, do a lot of kids get cut, and if so, where do those kids cut typically end up? And what is the average velocity? I am a RHP currently can top out around 86-87. Also, can anyone give me more information on any of the coaching staffs from any of these schools? Which are the better coaches, etc. especially for pitchers? I know it's kind of late but I'm fairly new to the recruiting process, and really am unsure of what to do really, just really was that guy that felt if I was good enough, scouts/coaches would approach me but now I realize I gotta put forth some effort too if I want to attend the school I want to go to.

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Hi Fly,

I am not personally familiar with the program or the league but it's pretty easy to do a quick search of their roster and stats and get a pretty good idea.  They had 40 on their roster last year and almost half were JC or 4-yr college transfers.  Accordingly, their roster is Jr and Sr heavy.  They do a pretty good job of providing player background - most players who get any playing time were all-state caliber in HS and/or accomplished JC transfers.  A few other broke through as juniors or seniors after spending several years in the program.  Something else worth noting - it seems most of the P's who got any innings have sat a year with arm issues there.


As far as the league goes, looks like there has been a big gap between Mesa and the rest of the teams in the league.


I have no idea what type of player you are or how you may fit into that equation.  If you have contacted the Mesa staff and not received replies, that probably tells you what you need to know.

Oh okay, thanks. I was debating between staying out here in AZ to play juco ball or go somewhere else to play. Realistically, my talent level is probably D2 level, but gonna work my butt off this year to try and make myself into a potential D1 prospect, starting with trying to increase my velocity.


I just was really, really naive and put forth absolutely no effort in trying to look for colleges. I really just had the mindset that if I'm good enough, coaches and scouts will come to me, as well as my high school coaches will help. At least I have a full year left, so I'm gonna try to get that all figured out.

Understood.  I hate to create panic but you don't really have a full year left.  Also check into what is required to get accepted into 4-yr schools even without baseball as part of the equation.  Between the application process, financial/academic aid paperwork, registration, etc, it takes some time.  Also, most D1's and D2's like to have their recruiting done in advance.  So, hopefully, you have some key showcase events lined up for this fall.  You may need to have a fall-back plan to go to one of the JC's the first year.

Mesa usuallyholds a recruiting camp every fall at their school - you should attend that if you are interested in going there and you are not on their radar. Took my son (2015) last year and they also do a short campus tour with the players/parents. They just had a summer one on 8/3 - which you just missed. I did not see their fall camp scheduled yet. Check their website for updates or email the coach.


Very good facilities at school - most everything new or being re-furbished. As you know- they are one of the perennial favorites in RMAC - usually its between them an CSU-Publeo for league title.


Quite a few players from the local Denver area go there to play. Most are very succesful HS players (all-conference or all state type kids). I know a few players that were at last year's recruiting camp who they showed interest in - most were around that 83-87 range - so that bodes well for your velocity.One kid from our HS goes there (he was conference Pitcher of year) - also played infield. He is now a full time infielder and saw significant playing time as sophomore (almost none as freshmen). However, he played very little in playoffs as they went with mostly juniors/seniors for playoff run.

In regards to the high altitude environment and pitching - it is what it is. Its not really an issue and we always consider it an excuse that is generally only used a the MLB level.


Mesa's home game facility is the home of the JUCO world series in Grand Junction. You will be hard pressed to find a better facility at any level.

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