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I am having a youth touranment this year, and I plan to use a MLB or College rule book for the basis of my rules(with age appropriate changes). I want have rule book to make sure that I am clear on all the official rules.

Where can I find one? And, how much do they cost?

Thanks for your time.

Take care!
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If you are planning a youth tournament, I would stick to OBR (Official Baseball Rules). Most youth organizations use a form of OBR with modifications. It would cause less confusion if you stuck with that. OBR rulebooks are easily available through bookstores and Leagues. PONY Baseball sends the Sporting News edition out to every registered Umpire each year. Costs on a OBR rule book are low.....$4-$5

For definitive answers on rules differences the following books are the best, but they are pricey. I have them and speaking as an Umpire, they are worth every penny. Again there are MANY differences between OBR, NCAA and FED (High School) rules. The best books for seeing the differences are:

1. "Baseball Rules Differences"- by Carl Childress. This is issued every year. The 2005 edition should be available in mid January

2. "Rules of Professional Baseball" by Jaksa/Roder- You would want the rules differences edition.
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If you are using MLB rules you will need some supplimental rules to limit innings pitched, as well as safety rules to prohibit intentional contact on the bases.

Also, most youth tournaments have variations on substitution rules, and being able to bat more than 9 players.

You may want to look into sanctioning your tournament with a national organization such as USSSA, AAU, AAYBA, Super Series, or others. If its a state or national qualifyer you may get more/better teams, if thats what you want.
As others have already said, stick with OBR. It is simpler and most youth umpires already know them. FED and NCAA have too many differences to use effectively. Go to any online bookstore and get "The Sporting News" version. It is the best to try to use. As was suggested above try to associate with AAu, USSSA or other group and you will less problems with age appropriate exceptions.

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