We plan to travel a lot this year. Thanks to MN-Mom starting this forum I hope to learn a lot about different places to eat in favorite categories. Think I will list the cities we will travel to individually for easier reference later on. That way it might also help others who are traveling to these areas for any purpose. Thanks for any tips in any or all categories! I’ll start with....

San Diego, CA

Categories are:

Best Pizza
Best Steak
Best Barbeque
Best Sea Food
Best Sports Bar
Best Italian
Best Sandwich Shop
Best Burgers and Dogs
Best Home Cooking Style
Anything else that is real good
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I hope there are no hard feelings about being the lone dissenter on your idea thread earlier this morning. The idea was clearly considered a good one Smile

That said, I'll be in San Diego this next weekend. We'll be staying in La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) so I would be interested in hearing about the different categories in PG's above list Smile
Cleveland Dad,

I seldom have hard feelings towards anyone anymore! For sure none towards you. no

Do think it's funny that the lone dissenter is the very first to ask for help. haha
Jerry, glad to see that your priorities are in the right place. Where can I get the best food??? Now, that proves that you know what matters! Wink
In the Pizza category I suggest Sammy's Woodfired Pizza - went there last summer and really liked both the pizza. Other items on the menu (pasta, salads) also quite good...
[quote]San Diego, CA - Here are some suggestions

Categories are:

Best Pizza - Toss up between Sardinas, Filippis (several locations but the one in Little Italy is the best) and Bronx Pizza on Washington St.

Best Steak - There are alot of chain type steakhouses (Ruth Chris, Mortons)
but one of our favorites a little off the beaten path is the Red Fox Steakhouse on El Cajon Blvd. Good bar and food.

Best Barbeque - Phil's Barbeque in Mission Hills - THE best!

Best Sea Food - The Marine Room in La Jolla is also nice - beautiful view!
And of course, Anthony's. For lunch - Pt. Loma Seafoods is outstanding.
Get a fish sandwich and a cup of chowder and sit out by the water and watch the boats - fabulous!

Best Sports Bar - Hooters?

Best Italian - See Best Pizza - toss up Sardinas and Filippis

Best Sandwich Shop - DZ Akins - great deli!

Best Burgers and Dogs - Boll Weevil (several locations- go for the steerburger with all the condiments

Best Home Cooking Style - Hob Nob Hill and Albies in Mission Valley; Both are great values too. Almost forgot - The Chicken Pie Shop on El Cajon Blvd.

Anything else that is real good - Mexican! Old Town Mexican Cafe!
I'll 2nd the Old Town Mexican Cafe. It's a favorite.

Sports Bar--Seau's in Mission Valley

Irish Pub--Dublin Square Irish Pub in the Gaslamp Quarter. I'm a little partial. Son's roommate is a chef there and son is a sometimes bouncer. When the Irish Firemen and Police Officers had their convention in San Diego, it was their favorite place. Walking distance from Petco.
I grew up in San Diego, now we vacation there fairly often. When we visit, we really just go for Mexican, and seafood. Our all time favorites.

For Mexican:
Alfonso's in La Jolla. On Prospect Blvd. Get there before you're starving, request a table on the patio, be prepared to wait. Stroll down the street and window shop while you wait. Ask for the pickled carrots with your chips&salsa.

Old Town Mexican Cafe. A lively casual spot.

El Indio. India St at I-5. Order at the counter, take your plate to a table. Great takeout. Be sure to grab bags of chips, and fresh tortillas to take with you. We bring them home on the plane.

Roberto's. Carmel Valley Rd. If you have time for a beach day, head up the coast to Torrey Pines State Beach, our favorite beach! Between La Jolla, and Del Mar, so not too far. Just across from the parking lot is Roberto's. People stand in line for great Mexican fast food, then sit on the patio, and eat.

For Seafood:
The Fish Market. On the embarcadero, or in Del Mar across from the racetrack. Absolutely fresh fish. They have their own fishing boat fleet, and only have available what is truly fresh. Be prepared for a wait.

Anthony's. An old time local favorite. On the waterfront. Thay have a fast food counter, a casual dining room, and upstairs, a fine dining room...I think jacket required.

Sportsmans Seafood Restaurant. Quivera Rd. near Sea World. Order at the counter, fresh caught seafood, eat inside, or out. Watch out for the seagulls!

Hmmm, I might have to plan a trip. All of this sounds so good!
First thing to remember is San Diego is so large that there are great places all over the city, and I'm always finding a new fun place… But…. Some of my favorites…

Categories are:
Best Pizza
Fillipis is good But Pat and Oscars, or Oggi's are my favorites… several loacations

Best Steak
Tons of favorites…. Humphries(Shelter island) and they also have Jazz concerts.
High End :
Mr A's
Georges at the Cove… in La Jolla

Best Barbeque --- Not exactly what San Diego is noted for…
Kansas City Barbeque

Best Sea Food Now your talking San Diego...
Fish Market is great. (Harbor Blvd)
So is Anthony's (and hardly anywhere in SD requires a jacket)
Azul La Jolla
Jake's Del Mar
The Marine Room (La Jolla)
Point Loma Seafood. (fish market Take out)
Humphries again....

Seafood and Sushi
Zenbu * Mesquite * Rimel's

Don't forget Mexican:
There are so many HOLE in the wall Mom and pop take out shops that are GREAT….
Albertos (Carne Asada Burritos)
Or any version of that name, or Robertos, Rolbertos or Aibertos, several knock-offs, but they serve good food....

Then there's Old Town…
Casa De Bandini
Casa Guadalajara Mexican
Old Town Mexican Café
El Fandango
Bazaar del Mundo (although I heard they moved locations.. )

Best Sports Bar Take your pick….

Best Italian
Go to Little Italy Between Airport and Downtown… Several

Anything else that is real good…
The beach!!!!
Gaslamp District (downtown)
La Jolla (Prospect street)
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