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Good topic TR. Our son is in his Junior year, and we have been pleased since day one. More importantly, he is very pleased and happy with his choice of schools. When we first started the process about 5 years ago, we encouraged him to choose a school that he would want to go to if he could not play baseball anymore...........and he did. The school is the most important thing. If you are a good player and teammate, you will get a chance to play baseball, but the total package of the school is the most important thing.
Completely agree with bbscout on the "hows" and "whys" to pick your school.
My son is a freshman and is 100% satisfied and thrilled with the choice he made.
He put a great deal of thought into his choice and we picked up alot of great info from this site and this board. Doing the homework really paid off and he has had NO regrets in any respect.
Having but nearly zero thought into my own choice of colleges (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) I can see the effort and thought my son put forth and the results he has realized from that.
Hm.I would have to say yes..
He seems to loves the school. Has made some great friends and great course selections along the way. He is a little confused about the baseball situation but I am sure he will figure it out along the way.
He is actually even talking about Grad. school in the future.(He is a freshman)
So all in all I would say he's happy............for now!
My son is a freshman at a D3 only 80 miles from home, and is very happy with his choice of schools and his baseball team and situation. It was his decision, but I gave him the advice that I learned here on the HSBBWEB: Attend a showcase or two to get an idea of the level you can play at, choose a school where you would want to be if baseball was somehow out of the picture, go where you are wanted, decide whether getting to play right away is high on your list of priorities (it was for him). He enjoys his team so much, is learning from his teammates and coaches, and is REALLY looking forward to the season starting in a couple of weeks with a tourney in Florida.

TR also asked if the parents were happy with the choice - absolutely! This was actually our first choice of colleges for our son before he started having recruiting conversations, but he made the choice. The fact that it is close to home so that he can drive home when he wants to, and we will be able to see many of his games, is a big bonus! Mostly, we are just happy that he is happy, and getting decent grades.
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This is a tough one.

The first semester at his new (transferred from JUCO after 1 year), he came home with a 3.32 GPA, he had a good fall practice and was set to start in right field. All was good.

He went back and was told he was being moved to left field. After only a few days of practice, he suddenly couldn't throw (shoulder tendinitis, trainer told him) and he missed several days of hitting and almost three weeks of throwing. He was supposed to do some pitching this season, but now that doesn't seem likely; probably not advisable anyway.

Right after he got back to school in January, his longtime coach was appointed interim AD. He said he would be able to do both jobs. He had to give up coaching after one weekend because it was too much. The pitching coach was appointed interim head coach, but it's still a change.

His shoulder was good enough for opening day. He started (batting cleanup) and proceeded to begin the season with the worst slump of his life. He's in serious danger of losing his spot.

His class schedule is significantly tougher than first semester (just the way it worked out) and he is struggling. He needs to maintain a certain GPA to keep some of his financial aid, but that might be asking too much.

He's having significant problems with a girlfriend he's had for more than 3 years.

All those things said, his team, though the record doesn't reflect it, has competed well against some pretty good competition, despite a starting lineup that is almost entirely underclassmen. They have a chance to do something in their league.

I just hope his coaches don't give up on him before then.

So I'm staying on topic, I guess I have to say that we're satisfied that he has received the opportunities as advertised. But this is a real rough stretch for him. Just have to wait to see how it works out.
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Son is currently a sophomore. He is absolutely
satisfied with his college choice. Even tho it is his second year at college...everything is new again this year because of coaching changes. He's commented a number of times about how much more work, commitment and dedication the new coaching staff requires of them....and he is very excited about the new attitude of the team. Hope it all pans out the way he is hoping. From last year's experiences, we now know to expect bumps in the road throughout the season. I just hope it is a LESS bumpier ride this year! But the most important thing.....HE'S happy!
Son chose JUCO over DI, much to my surprise. The school is near-enough and far-enough, and is in a TINY town in the middle of nowhere.

Loves his coaches and team. The team is very competitive, which he loves. The academics are challenging, which he hates.

So far, he is very happy with the choice he made. He had a good fall ball season and is looking forward to a strong spring season. Then it's off to a Southern collegiate over the summer, which should be a thrill.

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