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Unfortunately, our school has moved to split shifts this year due to overcrowding. Because of this, we will be arriving to many away games at or after the scheduled game time. While I respect the game and the opponent very much, I also care about the safety and performance of my players.

If anyone has experienced this before, could you share any insight or ideas? While "throw and go" is a viable option, I would like to somehow get my players more mentally ready to play.

I experienced this same situation during football season, and our first series on offense and defense was always sluggish and often resulted in us having bad field position or giving up points to the opponent.

Thanks for any help!
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Could you explain split shifts a little more? I believe I know what you are talking about but would like to get more of an understanding of what it means.

Is it possible to move the start times back to allow yourself adequate time to get ready? I know if I'm the coach of a team against you and you call me up and explain what's going on I'm going to let you pick the start time so you won't have to rush.
We are on a sliding schedule. Juniors and Seniors attend school from 6:44-1:44, while Sophs and Frosh attend from 8:44-3:44.

I coach the Sophomore team and our games are always scheduled to start at 4:30. Most teams are 20+ minutes away from us and I know through experience in the fall that we will be pressed to make it anywhere before 4:30.

I agree with your comment of "push the game back." However, our conference and AD's refuse to ever make this adjustment.

So what I am looking for is a productive way to get my players physically and mentally ready to play within 15 minutes of arrival.
so...leaving school a little early would be out of the question?

Mentally, Be sure and never let your kids know that you consider it a "problem." Try and think of it as something that you guys look forward to.

You could be the only team in the country that stretches on the bus. LOL. Be creative with it.

Just remember, if your kids ever detect your insecurity, they will be insecure and will play that way.
Thanks for the explanation on the sliding scale.

This is probably not a real solution but is there anyway there could be a gentlemen's agreement between yourself, other coach and umpires to schedule the game at 4:30 and then end up starting around 5 or 5:15?

The only other solutions I can come up with coachjo already mentioned

1. Leave school early
2. Stretch on the bus

Are you the only school in the conference that has this problem or are there others?

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