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My son 12 yr. old, was diagnosed with Little League shoulder in Feb 2009. We get the confirmation from Dr.from a regular X-ray done at his office.

Dr. said no pitching and sent us to PT doing basic bands and 2 pound dumbbells exercises. Son stayed playing spring ball, just in 1st base and hitting only.

Now this month (Oct) after not touching a ball since June 1 and not pitching since Feb 09, we started the PT exercises again (2 times per week) and then started throwing from very short distance (40 feet) for 5-8 minutes.

He's velocity is very nice. Thing is that when he throw fast he feels some discomfort on the shoulder. Also he plays dodge ball once per week at school PE and he says it hurts when throwing fast.

He is growing very fast. He turned 12 on June 21 and is 5' 7" already, skinny (136 lbs).

I know when we went to Dr. he made a lot of arm physical tests and he touched of his muscles, shoulder , back, etc. He said the LL shoulder shouldn't have any problem for his future.

Could this be normal until his growth plate closes? Or could be any other complication?

Will appreciate any HS parents that had the same problems when their kids were youngers.
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I have never heard the term LL Shoulder. What exactly is this? I certainly would tell him to stop throwing anything as long as he has discomfort and or pain. Throwing those balls they play dodge ball with is probably putting more stress on his shoulder than throwing a baseball is.

I would stick to the doctors orders maybe get a second opinion and stop throwing , period.

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