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Hi everybody, 

  I've used the search bar at the top to look into this, but that just created more questions. The focus on this is for position players. Based on what I've read, bands are used as a warmup for long toss, correct? They get the blood flowing better, so your arm is looser for when you throw? 

  As for a dumbell shoulder workout (like this one ), this is meant for the actual strengthening and stabilizing of the rotator cuff and muscles around it, right? 

  If this is correct, are bands necessary (recommended?) for warming up to longtoss? What makes that different than just a good ol' dynamic warmup? And with the shoulder routine, how often do you do it, and when? It's to my understanding that you do it with normal workouts, not during a throwing session. 

    Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for any input you all can provide. 

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Getting the blood flowing and muscles warm before beginning to throw is the goal.  You can do that without bands if you want.  The bands are a tool that make it easier and more efficient for many, but ultimately you don't need them.


Using the bands for strengthening is a little different.  Again, you can do the same movements with weights - but bands make it much easier.


As was mentioned before, the Thrower's 10 is a good base set of exercises for the arm/shoulder.  It works very well with bands or small weights.  My son has been doing it at his PT's direction every day.  On days where he pitches, he cuts the reps and resistance and uses it as a cool down. 



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