Is it worthwhile for a rising freshman to go to showball ? Thz

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It's probably not worthwhile for a coming freshman to do any showcasing. The whole point of a showcase is to get seen by coaches looking to make offers. The only schools recruiting coming 9th and 10th graders are the top dogs. LSU, Vandy, UNC, UCLA, etc. If your son is good enough to get recruited by those schools you would probably know by now. 

Showball is mostly high academic type schools. They really aren't recruiting until junior year at the earliest. Most of their work gets done the summer/fall the players head into their senior year. Mostly because they have less flexibility with grades and aren't among the stronger programs so they have to wait to see who is still available. 

Fall of junior year is probably the earliest you would do a high academic camp, but you can go as late as Sept of senior year. Put the money towards lessons, instructors, or strength training for now. You have plenty of time. 

That is great.  Thank you.  Ive been getting an email from them at least once a week which started to make me think too much.🤔

Concur. Deploy your cash toward skill refinement, strength, and speed.  Big bats, big arms, and speed under 6.7 get noticed first.

 Your son should  continue to play fall and winter sports - enhancing athleticism and preempting baseball burnout.  Play club ball through July, shut him down, August family vacations.

My son did Showball in the Autumn of his Junior year of HS. He received feedback from 3 coaches (a D1, a D2, and a D3). The D3 was clear that they weren't looking at Juniors yet. The D1 and D2 asked for transcripts and video - both gave my son business cards. One of the aformentioned ended up being the school he committed to 8 months later. 

Showball was beneficial for my son. IMO junior year is a good time to least it was for my son. Good Luck!  


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