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@Consultant posted:

What about the location of the throw? What side of the bag? Who is catching the ball? 2b or SS? The test make “one handed” program type catchers. It begin with our Area Code tryouts and it does produce a quality catcher.


Amen. I can’t tell you how many showcases I have been to (scouting) that catchers throw downs to 2B have been a joke. All the emphasis is on pop times - which don’t mean Sh$t if the throw isn’t accurate,  Catchers are standing up when the pitch is halfway there trying to record a pop time. It means nothing if it isn’t an accurate throw. Kids need to stop chasing numbers and learn how to play the game .

Showcase moves aren't the same as in game moves. Catchers are already standing up and in the batter's box before the ball is at the plate at a Showcase. IF'ers take about 5 steps and launch the ball as hard as the can to 1B. Exit velos are all done with lowish line drives.

   It blows my mind that they pay so much attention to a 60 yd time rather than a H to 1B, or H to 2nd.

Son just does his normal secondary at showcases. I record every game so he can get in-game pops with runners and clock those using Coach’s Eye. He just tried to keep his exchange below a .7 as much as possible and lets the rest fall where it may  

I don’t think any coach who thinks that a 14yo can really have a faster pop than Realmuto or Hedges is one I’d like my son to play for. 🤷🏼‍♂️

My son had done a couple of PBR Northeast Showcases and PG Showcases, including Jr. Nationals.  Just goes to show, it depends on the event / location etc.  My son prepared based upon the information we gathered from HSBW, YouTube, friends, etc.  Catcher POP, Catcher Velo, BP, Exit Velo, etc.  Like you we felt the more information the better. 

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