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saw a lot of baseball this week and IMO the State tournaments were VERY watered down for 18u and 16u.

WOW! Not here in Houston. We had a lot of very good teams beating up on each other for the right to advance. We even had some 1 run pitchers duals. All in all it was a great tournament here in Houston Texas! applaude
Connie Mack Regional

Dallas Yankees, Dallas Knights White, Houston Heat Silver, Dallas Patriots 18, Dallas Mustangs Carpenter, Arlington A's Acton, West Columbia Angels, South Texas Sliders 17, Broken Arrow OK Tigers, Cherry Creek CO Bruins, Kansas City Sluggers, Missouri Sluggers, Albuquerque NM Heat, Bill Hood LA Broncos, Lubbock Hubbers.

Mickey Mantle 16 Regional

Dallas Knights 16, DBat 16, Owasso HS, East Texas Longhorns, Dallas Mustangs Wortham.....more to follow

Mickey Mantle 16 World Series

DBat 15, McKinney Mavericks....more to follow

Mickey Mantle 15 World Series

Tigers 15 Ingram....more to follow
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Dear Baller......Please go read what I wrote to your little buddy - Ice Cream Sundae - under his post regarding the Dallas Tigers. I know you're frustrated that they haven't been on here all summer defending themselves. But here's a tip, your breath. They've been out of town for a month playing tournaments on college campuses on the East Coast. They don't know or care what you're saying about them!!! "While very strong at the young levels, they are generally not as strong as their peers at the 18U level." You're kidding, right? Maybe you and some of your big strong teammates should volunteer to go over to those Tigers's houses and help them load their heavy bat bags so they can get to baseball practice on time at all of those D1 campuses!

Sorry, Big Hit, but I'm just tired of it!
How many league titles have all those heavy bag toten' D1 signees won in the last 5 seasons in the 16 or 18 and under league, where they are usually not as strong?

I know. None.

16 and under league champions

2000 Knights
2001 Knights
2002 Knights
2003 Stars
2004 Knights

18 and under league champions

2000 Wildcats
2001 Stars
2002 Dbat
2003 Knights
2004 Knights
Oh, that's right...I forgot to mention you, Seed Hitter. You may want to go and read my response to your buddies under the post "Dallas Tigers." It's not worth my time writing it twice.

Sorry for my pontificating today, HSWEb Faithful! Note to self: Never respond to the haters unless you are prepared to trash on....and on......and on......and on....... Congrats to all Connie Mack qualifiers and "title holding" organizations. I hope you won't take it personally, Seed, if I decline your challenge to list the accomplishments of the Dallas Tigers. I don't have the energy....gotta work tonight! But, good luck to you, pal!

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