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Baseball is full or all kinds of drama. All of that drama is fueled by parents. I know a lot of parents that have kids in other sports, and it seems that baseball has to have some of the worst parents ever.

Of course, there are the "brown noses", that will do anything or step on anyone to make sure their kid gets ahead. But those who take the cake are far more worse.

The parents that we have had to deal are backstabbing, manipulating, and controlling, and they do all this a smile on their face.

I don't see how these people can sleep at night! Their "LITTLE" click is nothing but a bunch of wanna be people with no life. What's funny is that NO ONE likes these people and they are the ones that are always talked about because of their evil ways. Everybody knows what they are doing and saying. They are the joke and not the people that they try to make look bad. If the coach only knew how they talk so bad about him too, that would be an eye opening experience for him! Their actions are cruel and intended to be that way. I have heard their nasty remarks about players, parents and coaches. Sure, everybody is going to talk, but the antics and schemes that these parents do, can not be done by anyone with morals.

It's too bad that their petty manipulations take away from what is really important and that is the boys on the field. If they would only realize it's not about them it's about their sons

I hope that they will take a good look in the mirror. I hope that they truly listen to their preachers as they sit like "good church going people" in their church. I hope that they realize they are the ones making fools of themselves, because what goes around comes around.

Now, I know of course, that not all parents in baseball are this way, but it's these kind of parents that give us a bad name. So, we have to try to change that! :duel
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Our team is the exact same way! The select snooty click that has existed for over 6 years of Little League has infested our high school team and head daddy is now the summer team coach along with his 2 assistants. Momma's huddle together and talk about the rest of us while ALL of their son's received ALL of the awards as underclassmen. Did I mention they were all recruited to transfer school districts to play for their teammates dad while still in Little League? Now that's politics!
I am sorry to hear that that is your experience.

My experience was for the most part very different, some of the best people I know are parents of former team mates of my son's various teams from Little League, to Select and including the high school team.

While we might occasional voice and share our opinions about a coach for the most part they all supported the coaches and especially our high school coach.

I think it comes down to one very important thing about the parents and coaches I met, for the most part they all wanted the best for my son and for the teams we all cheered for together.

I know I will continue to track the various players in college now that my son isn't playing any more and I will hope and pray for their success. I hope to see their parents around Dallas, I will go see some of the younger players play ball next spring at the various High Schools they attend.

I feel sorry for you and the current environment you believe you are caught in but I can tell you that your experience is not the norm when it comes to real baseball parents.

My advice to you and this comes from personal experience, keep your discontent from the view of your son and those parents and coaches that you think are conspiring against you because in the end it won't help your son and you will create a lot of negative energy in your life and his.

Please try to enjoy it while it lasts because it will all end way to soon.
great post acowboyfan. i couldn't agree more. most of our best friends and people (outside of family) we care the most about are our baseball peops. there are always a few that come and go through the years that you just never hope to run into again, but the great majority of these folks are our truest friends. we truly care about what happens to their kids and hope great things for their futures, and we know they feel the same about us and our kids.

it does go by fast, and we only have one child who will do this crazy baseball thing. dread when it ends. glad my son is only an incoming freshman. can't wait for the next game!

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