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I've been looking at online growth calculators. They all take into account the height of mom and dad, but not grandparents. I've also seen so many kids nowadays who tower over both mom and dad. Did your son break through the 'genetic' barrier and exceed you both? And if so, is there a tall grandfather or uncle in the family?

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Im 5'9 my wife is 5'7. I weighed 175 in High School and my wife 120. My oldest son who is a Jr is 5'11 230 and my youngest who is 14 and in the 8th grade is 5'9 195. Growth plate exam by the kids doctor was done a couple of years ago. They projected my oldest to be 6'0 and my youngest 6'2. We will have to wait and see about that. My parents are dad 5'7 and mom 5'6. My wifes dad was 6'6 and his wife 5'5. Im not really sure that you can judge any of this stuff. My nephew came out of high school at 5'10 and now a Jr in College he is 6'2. His dad is 5'9 and mom is 5'6. I do see alot of players who are alot taller their parents all the time.
Thanks for the info, Coach. I agree. You can't seem to put much stock in these calculations, even though they claim to be so accurate. Everywhere I go, there are high schoolers walking around and having to talk 'down' to mom and dad. It's common enough that it can't be a rare aberration. Anyway, time will tell.

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Genetics are very unpredictable. Floosie and Rufus Gilmore lived down the road. Both have brown hair and both are short, about 5'0". Floosie gave birth to a red-headed baby boy a few months before Rufus left town. Named him Roofie Gilmore. I haven't seen old man Rufus since he left 15 years ago, but I saw his red-headed boy the other day. "Roofie" Gilmore is about 6'2". (go figure) Big Grin

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I'm 5'9 and wife is 5'6 yet son who just started h.s. is already 5'10 - 170. He appears to be taking after wife's side of the family in terms of height as her dad is 6'2 and brother 6'3 but also has the broad shoulders that comes from my side of the family as her side is thin framed.

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My wife and I have wondered about my son's height for some time. Since the day he was born he's been in either the 90th percentile or 95th percentile for height and weight. He just turned 12 last month and the official numbers from the doctors office put him a 5'4" tall and 122lbs. That put him in the 95th percentile for height and the 90th percentile for weight.

My wife is just over 5' tall and I'm just under 5'9" tall. My wifes mother, father, and brother are all shorter than I am. I am however the short man in my family. My younger brother is about 6' tall. My father was 6'2" tall. I say "was" because he's almost 69 years old and appears to be shrinking with old age. Smile One of my dad's brothers was 6'7" tall.

When we look at those height calculators we usually get two different results. The ones that figure his height based on mine and my wifes height say he'll only reach 5'7" tall. That's hard for me to believe since he's already 5'4" tall. The height calculators that don't ask for mom and dads height, ask for his birthdate, current height, and his current weight. The results from those predict he'll be just over 6'2" tall and around 200lbs by the time he's 18 years old. They also say he could be as short as 6'1" and as tall as 6'4". All of that is dependant on stress, nutrition, and disease.

I'll feel much more comfortable about those predictions once he's passed me by. My younger brother was 5'8" as a 12 year old and only grew to 6'. Hopefully my 5'4" 12 year old has more than 4 inches of growth left in him. Otherwise he'll be shorter than dad. Smile

I don't put much stock in doctor's predicting future heighth. I was 6'2" in the sixth grade and doctors examined my growth plates and took gap measurements, etc...They determined that I was going to be 7 feet tall. I am still 6'2", as i never grew another inch.

My son is 5'10" and 155 lbs. and in the 8th grade. His mom is 5'8" and his sister (a senior) is just 5'2". My wife's side of the family has late growth spurts from the males, but on my side of the family the males were done growing by their freshman year. The closest person in my family to me is 5'9" and the tallest in my wife's family is 6'3".

What does all of this mean? Beats the heck out of me. I guess he will be somewhere between 5'9" and 6'3". He hopes to be the 7 feet tall the doctor's predicted for me (he loves basketball), but I doubt it. He does have long legs and big feet, but don't they all at that age.
While there are many exceptions a general rule of thumb is that a child will end up somewhere in between his parents. For example the average man is roughly 5'9" and the average woman is about 5'4". You take the + and - over those standards and average them and add that number to the average height for their gender. So if a dad is 5'10" and a mother is 5'7" the dad is 1" over average and the mother 3" over average. The average of 1 and 3 is of course 2 so there is a 90% chance the son will be within 1 inch+ or - of 5'11".

Another thing to consider when looking at a twelve year old is how far are they into puberty. I have a kid who played ball for me and at 11 he was well into puberty and 5"3" today at 15 he is 5'5". Another kid on the same team was 5'3" and not even close to entering puberty and now at 15 is 6'.
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I really believe that good nutrition plays a huge factor in growth.

Our sons tower over us...both are 6'4"...and we don't have any tall relatives. The only explanation I can think of is that they were raised on whole foods...meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Sometimes I wonder if hormones in today's meats had something to do with it, but for the most part I think it was the solid nutrition .

Unfortunately, we tend to eat as much as they do, without their metabolism, and you know what that means. Smile
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Very true TRhit... Although I believe it has more to do with genetics than God.

BBFORLIFE, my son's voice has just begun it's transition. I'm not sure how far that puts him into puberty. He's still a fairly young looking boy.

One of his friends, who also happens to be the stud baseball player in his league, is an inch or two taller than my son. That boy already has a mustache. Obviously it isn't thick, but it's noticable. I'd say that boy is pretty far along in puberty.

(edited) TxMom, I won't argue with you. I happen to agree with you. My son LOVES milk. I have three younger daughters and they aren't in to milk like he is, yet we seem to go through about 3-4 gallons in a week or two.

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I'm 6' and my wife is 5'5".

A few years ago, the doctor said, after x-raying his growth plates, that my son would be between 6'2" and 6'4". Just celebrated his 18th birthday and he's 6'2 1/2" now. My 16 year old is about 5'11"....the 12 year old is now 5'5".

My dad was 6'4" and I suppose that is where the growth comes into play.

I respectfully disagree but that is cool

I also think we worry TOO much about the things we cannot control-- you people are talking about literally programming your kid to play a position based on his size--- baseball is meant to be fun and the odds of any one kid making it are real small so let the kid play the position he loves to play and allow him to enjoy the game.



At twelve its hard to say how far into puberty most kids are with the exception of the ones that have a lot of facial hair and some may already have acne. Muscle thickness is another sign. The kid on my team who I identified as being far into puberty had significant facial hair, acne, was extremely strong for his size and his voice had changed. The kid who I said was not into puberty looked like most of the other kids but so at the time I would not have known how far into puberty he was but two years later when other kids were starting to so clear signs of puberty he did not and only as 14 year old began to develop facial hair and other signs associated with puberty.
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I here ya

Genetics are crazy to try to predict...some people say that if you double a child's height at 36 months it will be the adult height.

I was average height until I hit my growth spurt at 13 and my sister was always the tallest girl in the class...everyone thought she was going to be taller than me...she stopped growing at 14 and I kept growing until I was in my mid-20s(yes I am a freak!!!)

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My son is approx 6'3", I am 5'2" his dad is 5'10", our daughter is 5'4". My son never drank a lot of milk or ate a lot of meat. So much for that theory. His fraternal grandparents were both shorter than 5'4". However my brother is 6'5" and my father was 6'3". My son is built just like my dad was at 18, lanky with long arms and long legs giving him the appearance of 6'5".
When my son hit 13 all of his friends began "working out" with weights. We purposely
held him back and he really didn't start using any weights until he was passed 16. Then they were very light,even to this day. The reason for this, we were told by a doctor that using weights too soon during puberty can have an effect on growth. He is the tallest of his friends.
I am not sure where the genetics come from, but in my son's case it is apparent it comes from my side of the family.
Remember, most of the kids who hit puberty "early" are closer to being done growing.
We watched many of son's teammates get deeper voices and sprout the upper lip shadow at 12 and 13 and they were done growing by 14. It's hard when they're the ones smacking the heck out of the ball, and your baby still doesn't even have peach fuzz under his arms 14 but the later puberty hits, the better.
As an aside, my son was always nearly the tallest in his class....until 14-15 when the other kid's hormones kicked in. It's very hard to predict. I posted this in another forum, and I know people will think I'm crazy, but it's very accurate.
Take the height of your son when he was 2 and double it. That's about where he'll end up.

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From what I've read each child is born with genetic height potential. Some reach their potential and some do not. There are many factors that can influence future growth and nutritional status is one of them.

That doesn't mean nutrition alone is the key, but it plays a role in each person reaching their genetic height potential.

taterThe genetics of height is not as easy as it might seem.
Both parents may be relativly small. One may have the genetics to produce growth hormone at a greater rate or for a more prolonged period. The other might have a greater number of or more responsive receptors. Together they produce big kids. Thre are a number of other issues biochemically that might come into play.
And of course nutrition plays a role.
I'm convinced our son "willed" it! LOL!

At 6' 2 1/2" in his stocking feet, he contrasts with my wife (5' 6") and me (5'10").

From about the age of 5, he'd come to me frequently and say, "Dad, do you think I'm going to be tall?!" I'd respond with something about "it being what it will be," and he'd always say something like," I'm GOING to be tall!" I'll be darned if he wasn't right!

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