Spirit says their restrictions on luggage is 62 linear inches (H+L+W).

I have a Rawlings catchers bag that's 37x14x14. That's 65 inches. But it's a duffel and soft.  It will probably pinch in to 34 inches, if needed.

Anyone have experience with this? Are they going to give me a hard time with it?

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My experience is to avoid flying Spirit unless you enjoy being nickeled and dimed to death.  Southwest is the preferred airline for baseball players and college students IMO. (2 free checked bags) But I think you’ll be fine if the bag is not stuffed. 

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My experience with much flight travel (mostly not baseball related) is with the combined measurements and soft bags, it really comes down to which individual agent you get behind the counter and what their mood is at the moment  .

I can see this being true.

That is a standard checked-baggage limit, but my son just flew Delta (which has the same limit) with his catcher's bag and had no problem.  He carried on his mitt, though.  We do not trust any airline with the mitt.  Anything else can be replaced or borrowed, but not the mitt.  I was in the Atlanta airport this summer picking up one of my kids while a bunch of out-of-state teams were coming and going for one of the big PG tournaments, and the gloves and mitts were being cradled like babies.  It was clear none of them had been checked.  

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