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FNG...Definitely...your son should attend it.

Lots of good coaching from top notch coaches; competitive games; and, a chance to be seen by some of the "right" people.

My son went to this camp and that is where Coach Scott Bradley of Princeton saw him and scouted him. He is going to Princeton in the fall. Son plays for Lincoln Way East, Frankfort, IL.

If you need more specific informatin, call me: John Petrulis at 815-469-4520


By the way...The camp fills up quickly...Get your downpayment in asap!!!!
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it is a very good camp that is a very good camp to showcase your talents to good schools. But dont be fooled when they say that the camp is only for 100 invitational prospects. They told me that there would only be 100 but there was over 215 kids there. It is just a publicity stunt to get u to travel all of the way out there. It is a very good camp and u can have a good vacation out there too. Go to it and have fun. I can open the door to some good schools.
I strongly encourage anyone with outstanding grades to attend the Stanford Camp. Being there can open many doors to some of the top academic institutions nationally (especially the Ivy League) and various other quality baseball programs. In addition, for a college camp- there is some great talent from top to bottom. Keep in mind though that it is indeed a camp. 2AB's a game and about only 1/2 the innings are played in the field for each player, not to mention a 1-1 count. Come ready to play and get your money's worth.

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