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Curious........Is it true that the baseball scholarships a college offers a student-athlete isn't counted against that schools total baseball scholarships until the spring semester begins?

If this is true, I can see where some universities may over-recruit {stockpile} and then following their fall practices, make their cuts accordingly. They then would be in compliance the beginning of the spring semester.

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I am not sure about all of that...but I would wonder how your first semester of school would be paid for by the scholarship if it didn't count? They couldn't be paying for 38 scholarships and then just cut them down once spring semester started. Wouldn't seem right but I could be wrong.

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A scholarship is computed as the cost "per year" or one academic school year.

So in theory it is possible to have more than 1/2 of a team's scholarship dollars spent during the first half of the school year. Of course that means that less than half would need to be spent during the second part of the year.

I am not aware of any programs that play this game, although nothing would surprise me.

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