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Hate the social distancing during these games, LOVE how happy the kids look. Son started Saturday, went four innings. His curve ball curved, but not exactly where he wanted it to, but he muddled through. And we won, so that was good. He's playing with the Waterloo Bucks, which I decided is better than being a Woodchuck.

Also, does anyone else's kid insist on wearing a long sleeve BLACK compression shirt under his jersey while pitching? It was 90 on Saturday and mine did. I'm not sure why, but he says it helps???


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The other day there was an audio broadcast of my son's game.  I had almost forgotten what it's like, the stress when he's pitching, and the rhythm of the game of baseball on the radio (although I had never listened to my son on the radio).  Then, the audio cut out on a 3-1 count, and I had to wait for him to get home to find out what happened!

I never got stressed watching my kids play. I used to say I had my turn. Now it’s time to enjoy their turn. But what it really was after mowing down hitters in high school college was another world. Freshman year I was brought in the ninth to go lefty on lefty and gave up a walk off homer. I had some previous success. From then on I realized everyone is talented and “stuff happens.” So while I expected my kids to succeed I knew there were days they wouldn’t. The strong come back. The soft wilt away. 

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@RoadRunner posted:

Mine used to do that, when he was around 12. Now it’s battle scars. 

Funny thing is I looked through a bunch of videos and pictures and half the time he wears one and half the time he doesn't. He never wore one in the past and he only just started wearing batting gloves this year (we would have to shave down the calluses a couple times a season) so maybe he's changing up his look. But I take @SoCal OG's's not the same thing since it's only a sleeve. hahaha I should recuse myself from the conversation. 

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