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I don't know whether this should be posted in the Summer Teams forum, or the Mid-Atlantic forum; so I put it here because it is about finding teams in the Mid Atlantic Region.

My son will be a HS Soph in 2009, located in Northern Virginia, and is interested in finding an "elite" or "showcase" travel team to play with next summer ... and beyond.

We know there are teams like the Richmond Braves, the Barnstormers, the Hurricanes, the Mid Atlantic Rookies, and we're sure there are many more. Can the folks in this community help us (and others) by letting us know what teams are out there, Coaching contacts, e-mails, websites, etc?

Thank you for any insights you can offer, and contacts you can suggest.
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Mid-Atlantic Mets is the best publicly available team around. They allow open tryouts. The rest, from the Canes to the Dirtbags, are pretty much closed teams (open by invite only). Dan Gitzen, who runs the Mets, wants to develop the best team he can and wants to help his players develop. The really good teams have the luxury of picking and choosing from about 30 Division I players each (not so, necessarily, the Barnstormers, which is closed for other reasons). Gitzen gets the very best he can of those not playing for those elite teams. If your son does not get an invitation to join one of those elite teams, he should try out for the Mets (but call the Canes, too, because I think they now have a 16U team).
I agree with Isaac's assessment. However, you may also want to try Elite Baseball. They have a N. Maryland based team. My son was invited to play on a couple of the teams mentioned, however, he chose Elite because he really liked the showcase they held and bought into what they told him they could do for him as far as exposure. My son played for Riverdale, and was getting good exposure so I wasn't too worried and thought "why not."

I can tell you that Elite was the best thing we ever did as far as a summer and fall team. Every eligible player on the team got placed. The coaches know a lot of college head coaches and there was always scouts at our games and workouts.

They put a lot of work into matching players for success both on the field and in the classroom.

It might be worth you checking them out.

Ask to speak with the President Matt Werts.


Peace and Good Luck...
My son played with the Richmond Braves Nationals U13 squad last fall.

We could not swing the Spring season plus a lot of the boys in Virginia play MS ball that is not available in the Peoples Republic of Montgomery County, MD.

I felt he would not get enough team practice if we played with the Braves in the spring plus juggling my daughter's schedule. If he can earn a spot at U14 we will go back and stay with the braves in all likely hood.

It is an excellent organization. I cannot say enough good things about them. If you can swing it, I highly recommend them. The play the best to become the best. All their kids who put in the time go on to play at a higher level without exception.
There are plenty of travel teams based in "The People's Republic." Most of them are in the MCBA, but some have defected to the NVTBL for Sunday-only schedules and to avoid the MCBA's too-strict tranfer rules.

Last fall my son was in 8th grade and played both MS softball and U14 travel ball. The softball helped him stay patient at the plate for baseball; his BA went up by nearly 100 points.

You are absolutely right redbird5.

It is just that MCBA is pretty mediocre at best up here in Maryland. Except for maybe that one pitcher.

My boy is certainly not all that but playing down in your neck of the woods sure beats playing up here in MD for the most part.

We played early last month in VB.

When he played with the Braves we always got the other team's ace too. It was a real test and a lot of fun. It really exposed my boys weaknesses last fall.

Gave him some work to do this past winterSmile

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